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35 Wedding Hairstyles Perfect For Brides With Long Hair

woman with long wedding hairstyle and flowers


As a stylist to many on their wedding days, I hear plenty of soon-to-be brides say that they’ve been growing out their hair for their special day. Long hair provides plenty of styling options to work with, from updos and braids to full curls and half-up half-down styles. The wedding hairstyle options are truly endless when you have some length to work with. So to help you narrow things down, keep reading to get out our list of 35 wedding hairstyles for brides with long hair.

Braid Wrapped Chignons

Low braided chignon bun with black headband ribbon

A low bun or “chignon” is a popular hairstyle for long-haired brides. If you find yourself drawn to this idea, find a hairstylist who wants to explore the plethora of options within this singular style. A basic low bun can become next level and head-turning when wrapped in braids and adorned with a bow. A little imagination is the key to what you’re looking for in choosing a wedding hairstylist.

Fairy Dust

Model with combed-out natural curls, small floral buds throughout, and floral headpiece

Sprinkling a dusting of tiny floral buds or shimmering gems into your hair gives off a fairytale magic kind of aesthetic to match your fairytale magic kind of love. We especially love the way this looks on long, natural, combed-out texture.

Twisted Top Knots

Chloe and Halle Bailey wear ruffled dresses and large twisted topknot hairstyles

Wearing all your braids or twists in a perfectly poised topknot is a beautiful and regal style. Topknots can pair well with high necks as well as open necks and backs, making them versatile and not dependent on the dress you choose. Just be sure to do a hair trial before the big day and try your top knot on for size. You’ll be wearing this style all night long and you want to ensure the way it’s pinned up will not only stay, but won’t cause any headaches.

Criss-Crossed Braids

Wavy hair with small criss-cross detail braids in back

This unique hairstyle serves as an awe-inspiring detail that you can only achieve with longer strands. It comes across as a half-up half-down style, but notice it doesn’t bring the sides back above the ears. This detail will keep your long strands feeling free without compromising that extra interest.

Romantic Roses

Woman with low bun and pink flowers

Your wedding dress can inform a lot of your beauty look for the big day. For example, if your gown features floral details or an overall romantic aesthetic, your team may turn to a chic updo featuring flowers in your hair. We love how the pink rose here matches the wearer’s lipstick.

Oceanside Wedding

Wet blonde hair in a low updo with pearls placed throughout

A beachside wedding doesn’t always have to equate to bohemian beach waves. Another great interpretation of the low bun is this simple, twisted style on wet-look, long strands. Adding pearl pins throughout gives this look a bridal flair while still sticking with the down-by-the-sea vibe.

Rich Waves

Woman with long, side-swept hair with cascading waves

Another classic look for long-haired brides: side-swept, rich waves. By preparing the hair with a good blowout, you’ll have soft waves for a sophisticated glam look.

Golden Halo

Updo hairstyle with gold rope twisted throughout

Want to entertain hair accessories without spending a fortune? Talk to your stylist about weaving in some gold or silver thread. It’s a beauty look we’ve seen up and down the runways and red carpet that has always left us swooning.

Natural, Full Curls

If you’re a low-maintenance bride when it comes to beauty, opt for refining your long, natural texture and wearing it all down. It will still help to hire a professional so they can assist you in getting your desired volume and shape. Accentuating what you already have is one of the best ways to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.

Four Strand Braid

Red hair in four-strand low braid down back

If you frequent a side braid, French braid, or even a sleek ponytail, consider doing a more elaborate style like this clean, four-strand braid. It’s a refined (yet simple) styling option that will keep you in your realm of comfort and have you feeling like yourself, despite being dolled up beyond the norm.

Baby’s Breath

long blonde wavy hair with baby's breath throughout

Pinning hints of baby’s breath throughout your strands is a recycled trend that’s been around for decades, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. After a revival down the runway for designers like Carolina Herrera and Rodarte, this floral’s resurgence has remained in high demand.

Ballerina Bun

Laura Harrier with high bun hairstyle and winged eyeliner

If you consider yourself an athlete and are used to wearing your hair back, going with a sleek, tight updo will probably be in your realm of bridal hair comfort. Athlete or not, a high ballerina bun has the power to give you a nice little facelift sans Botox and works great to complement earrings if you choose to make that the statement jewelry

Textured Half-Up

Woman with messy half up half down hairstyle

Depending on your hair type, giving an airy texture to your style isn’t always as easy and straightforward as you may think. Do a hair trial or two if you can to find the stylist that can give you exactly what you’re hoping for.

Cornrowed Updo

Woman wears high, curly bun with braids at roots

Leaving natural texture in the body of your style can still give space for movement and curls while cornrows ensure no hair is falling out of place or onto your face. Cornrowing your hair into a relaxed, non-braided style of your choice will keep your updo feeling lighter than it would with a full head of braids.

Braided French Twist

We love this modern take on the French twist. A simple braid twisted up off the neck makes for an eye-catching detail with elegant style.

Sleek, Straight Ponytail

Sleek, straight ponytails are a gorgeous choice for your wedding day, and they’re a ton of fun to (securely) whip around the dance floor. It works especially well when those clean lines pair up against more minimalistic dresses.

Burst of Florals

dark hair with cascading purple oversized flowers

If you’re getting married in a garden, why not opt for a burst of florals in the hair? Having the hair play off your entire aesthetic—from dress, to environment and floral arrangements—is always a solid move that will leave you feeling like everything tied together just perfectly.

Architectural Updo

Architectural high ponytail with brooches

For the anti-bride brides who may want to stray from all the “romantic” hairstyles, consider doing an architectural shape that’s bold and unique but still keeps things soft with the blown-out texture and addition of ornamental barrettes.

Clean and Classic

This clean and classic style is a perfectly coiffed chignon. Placement is very important with these types of hairstyles. By arranging it just slightly above the nape of the neck, your updo stays secure without loosening as you move your head around. It also draws more attention to the other details of your bridal ensemble.

Tight Tendrils

If your natural texture can support tighter tendrils, consider adding the curls for natural looking movement and body. While it may shorten your long length, tendrils like this can add so much natural volume to an updo without needing a ton of product.

Flower Crown

Bride wears long, curly hair with large flower crown

Flower crowns are an easy, laid-back hair accessory that will have you feeling like a queen, and they’re especially popular at outdoor weddings. Be sure to collaborate with both your hairstylist and your florist when discussing ideas and incorporating this detail into your look. Planning beforehand will ensure a low-stress and seamless beauty routine on your big day.

Undone Box Braids

Elaine Welteroth wears a vail and box braids with loose curly ends

One of our favorite long braided bridal styles is these undone box braids seen on Elaine Welteroth for her wedding day. Partially unwound in all the right places, the braids add such interesting texture. This style really works with her hair color and helps to add so much more eye-catching dimension.

Messy French Twist

Messy French twist updo

If you’re a big fan of second-day hair, a piece-y textured updo like this messy French twist might be the bridal style for you. A little dry texture spray or surf spray and a few hair pins are all you need to get hair tight and secure while appearing loose and effortlessly pulled together.

Romantic Half-Up


Bridal hairstyles don’t have to be complicated, especially when your length gives you a lot to work with. Sometimes, the simpler the better, like this romantic topsy turvy with all the right texture.

Side-Swept and Tousled

Gabrielle Union wears a side-swept, tousled loose updo

An over-directed, side-swept bang with tousled texture throughout those long strands is one of the most covetable down ‘dos we’ve seen.

Straight Texture

Low twisted bun with loose pieces

Straight, long hair can still achieve a lot of volume and texture in your style of choice with the right products. A little volumizing primer and thickening spray (maybe even some extensions?) and you’ll be on your way to a full yet piece-y textured bun.

Braided Braids

Woman with braided low bun with flowers along hairline

The added perk to a style like this? Being able to unravel your updo later in the evening if you want to mix things up for the reception.

Bubbled Up

Long, naturally curly hair in loose bubble braids

With a full head of long, curly strands, you may only need a deep side part and some white thread to create the most effortless, sexy bridal hairstyle of loosely bubbled up pigtails. This style plus bare feet in a white gown is a vibe we can get behind.

Bun of Curls

Curly low bun hairstyle

With a mane full of curls, your updo options are looking pretty promising. Curls give so much life to the hair as is, so your bridal style can be achieved in record time without compromising a beautiful finish. All those pins and twists will get lost in the mix of beautiful texture.

Ditch the Veil

Bride wears loose waves with padded white headband

Don’t feel restricted to wearing a veil as you walk down the aisle. These days, there are plenty of timeless headpieces you can wear on your big day, like this pearl-studded headband.

Half-Up Top Knot

Woman with delicate white lace dress and long braids tied into half-up top knot

A half-up top knot gives height and shape to your style by pulling it up high instead of back, but still lets the rest of your length down so you feel like the long-haired bridal goddess that you are.

Veil-Friendly Volume

Sabrina Elba wears a veil and low updo with loose curls and statement earrings

This classic bridal hairstyle gives just the right amount of volume. It keeps things looking natural while still giving a cushion for the veil to grip into.

Low Ponytail

Bride wears a low, loosely curled ponytail and large gold floral earrings

A low ponytail is a great way to complement the design of sleeveless bridal dresses. It keeps the focus on your dress and its features while still letting your long hair cascade down the back.

Free Flowing Tendrils

Tina Kunakey wears voluminous natural curls with a sleeveless wedding dress

Sometimes the best part of having extra long strands can be just letting it all down. Natural or not, free-flowing tendrils make for a beautiful, easy bridal style.

Half-Up Bun

Half-up, half-down blonde hairstyle

This hairstyle really combines all of the classic options—the bun, the half-up, and the loose-flowing curls. Combining each style into this half-up half-down bun proves that you really can have it all on your wedding day.

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