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Amorepacific To Receive 2 Innovation Awards at CES 2023

Amorepacific’s award-winning Tonework and Cosmechip technologies are beauty innovations for personalized makeup and skincare solutions.

Amorepacific will be honored with two Innovations Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023. The show takes place January 5th – 8th. This will be the fourth consecutive year that Amorepacific is a CES Award winner.

Amorepacific’s two award-winning technologies are Tonework, in the robotics category, and Cosmechip, in Home Appliances.

The Authentic Color Master by Tonework is a smart manufacturing system solution for customized makeup products using AI and robot arms.

Tonework precisely analyzes the tone of the face on the basis of AI algorithms and then uses robotics to make tailored liquid and Cushion foundations as well as lip products.

The device provides optimized color recommendations based on facial recognition technology and color science research.

The key technologies featured in Tonework are available for demonstration through Base Picker at Amorepacific Headquarters and Amore Seongsu, Bespoke Neo at the Laneige showroom in Myeongdong, and through the Foundation Factory at Etude store in Sinchon, South Korea.

The Cosmechip is designed to make personalized skincare products by using active chips containing effective ingredients.

Featuring microfluidic channel technology developed by Amorepacific, the device creates uniformly combined formulations using a small amount of water and effective ingredients.

Consumers can choose different active chips based on their skin condition and preference. For added convenience, consumers can use drinking water at home to make customized products. The chips can be stored stably for a long period of time because they are prescribed with anhydrous ingredients.

Park Youngho, the Head of Amorepacific R&I Center said, “Being the recipient of the CES Innovation Award for four years in a row is the outcome of the persistent R&D efforts that go into developing tailored technologies for our customers. We will continue to devote ourselves to offering our global customers the best and the most products.”

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