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Avon Launches Virtual Makeup Try-On Experience

Avon has extended its partnership with Perfect Corp.

Avon is extending its partnership with Perfect Corp., and launching a virtual try-on online shopping experience in nine initial markets.

Consumers can now virtually try on more than 400 of Avon’s makeup products, using Perfect Corp.’s cutting-edge AI & AR-powered technology.The immersive shopping experience is powered by Perfect Corp.’s award-winning technology, allowing customers to experiment with various beauty products virtually to find their perfect product match.

“This type of beauty technology isn’t widely available in the mass beauty market. Until now, it has only been prestige brands offering this type of brand experience.” Says Alex Long, Head of Omnichannel Global Marketing at Avon, “We’re really excited about the potential of this technology to help Avon by enhancing the shopping experience. Whether shopping online or through a beauty advisor, customers can get a truly personalised experience and be confident in their purchase.”

Avon is initially launching the virtual try-on experience in the UK, South Africa, The Philippines, Italy, Poland, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, and Turkey. It provides Avon shoppers with an interactive and personalized shopping experience.

In the UK, the VTO experience will be available for over 400 products, across Avon’s collection of lip, eye, and face makeup.

Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience

Through Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR virtual try-on technology, Avon’s customers are able to instantly try on products via their mobile camera or webcam on desktop, seeing products come to life with hyper-realistic results. Avon reps are also able to offer their customers an enhanced high-touch shopping experience.

Perfect Corp.’s true-to-life AR try-on utilizes patented AgileFace technology to automatically identify users’ unique facial features, such as eye and eyebrow shapes, to deliver the most realistic virtual try-on experience.

“As consumers turn to brands for tailored product advice and recommendations, AI and AR technologies have become more important than ever before,” said Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “We are thrilled to be working with Avon International to bring the power of these technologies to its customers in a truly personalised and immersive way. We are looking forward to seeing how this technology will allow the business to grow and thrive even further”.

“At Avon we have millions of customers around the world and are constantly re-evaluating the ways we can best serve them and drive confidence in their product choices,” adds Alex Long at Avon. “We are proud of being an early adopter of beauty technology and understand the important role it has for the modern beauty shopper. We are delighted to be partnering with Perfect Corp. to offer our Reps and customers this technology which will be a valuable asset to the business and help us drive further growth and customer satisfaction.”

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