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Founded by beauty influencer and entrepreneur Stephanie Ledda, the brand plans to introduce additional fragrances in 2023.

Ledda, a bespoke fragrance company founded by beauty influencer and entrepreneur Stephanie Ledda, has launched its first scent—22 Orris.

“I’ve been in love with perfumes for most of my life, so the opportunity to begin creating my own fragrances felt like a dream come true,” Ledda stated. “With 22 Orris, I set out to create something completely unique, that would evoke sensations of warmth and anticipation.”

About 22 Orris

An avid perfume collector, Ledda crafted 22 Orris to be an “ideal date night scent”. The leading note in Ledda’s debut fragrance is Orris – a unique floral and versatile floral aroma. The “22” of 22 Orris nods to the fact that the formula is composed of 22% of this particular note. Ledda purposefully engineered 22 Orris with a higher concentration of fragrance oil to produce a stronger, longer-lasting scent. Other prominent notes in 22 Orris include Pear Leaf, Pink Pepper and Wild Freesia.

22 Orris was co-created with perfume expert Frank Voelkl, who has helped engineer some of the beauty industry’s most recognizable fragrances, including Le Labo’s SANTAL 33. Working together over the course of several months, Stephanie and Frank sought to develop a one-of-a-kind, highly personalized scent unlike anything they’d experienced prior.

“Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable about fragrance, and we happen to gravitate toward very similar scent profiles,” Voelkl stated. “The beauty of 22 Orris is that it was a true collaboration—Stephanie was able to illustrate what she likes, and I helped her to capture what she was envisioning. I think her authenticity shines through in this stunning fragrance.”

Vegan and cruelty free, 22 Orris is now available for purchase exclusively at Ledda’s website. The debut fragrance is available as an Eau de Parfum (50ML, $98 USD) and a hand cream (50ML, $24 USD), as well as a set containing both ($110 USD).

Ledda plans to introduce additional fragrances in 2023, each to be inspired by personal and meaningful life moments.

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