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Biosilk Silk Therapy Is My Secret to “Liquid” Hair

emily algar holding biosilk silk therapy

Some beauty products are nostalgic and Biosilk Silk Therapy Original is one of them. I remember seeing it in my grandmother’s bathroom growing up (it originally launched back in 1986) but admittedly haven’t tried it until now.

The leave-in conditioning treatment is known for being the first of its kind to use pure hydrolyzed silk—an ingredient the brand claims can soften and smooth the hair. I admittedly have a pretty low-key hair routine, but 30+ years of being a best-seller is all the reason I need to try. Plus, who doesn’t want the shiny, glassy hair that this product is said to create?  I’ve been testing it for a good month and naturally I have some thoughts. Read on to learn more about my experience with the serum.

PRODUCT NAME: Silk Therapy Original.


PRICE: $49.50 for 12 fl oz.

HERO INGREDIENT: Silk protein.


SIZE: It is available in six different sizes ranging from 0.5 to 12 fl. oz.

About My Hair: Fine and lacking shine

My hair is short, fine, and quite soft. I don’t color it and keep it above my shoulders, length-wise, so overall it’s in pretty good condition. I do however struggle with flyaways, plus lack of volume, movement and shine—you know, all the fun stuff.

The Feel: Viscous with glide

The clear serum is ever-so-slightly thicker than your average serum and glides along strands with ease. Be warned: a little goes a long way. It’s best to dispense a small amount to your hands at a time before gently sweeping it along the lengths of your hair.

Ingredients: Contains Silk Protein

Silk Therapy promises to replenish and reconstruct the hair, fill in the cuticle for enhanced shine, and prevent the incidence of split ends. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that silk—or a hydrolyzed silk protein—is the hero ingredient in the Biosilk Silk Therapy Original formula. (It is, after all, in the name.) According to the brand, silk proteins contain 17 of the 19 amino acids found in our hair, and thus come with numerous benefits  from increased shine to reduced frizz. Admittedly, my research turned up no real scientific proof that silk actually does improve the condition of our hair, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have an instant glossing, smoothing effect.

The only other ingredient worth mentioning is panthenol (or vitamin B5). Panthenol is a well-known moisturizer, so it can assist with soft, shiny manageable hair.

How to Use: As a leave-in conditioning treatment

Silk Therapy Original is a leave-in conditioning treatment that can be used on damp or dry hair as little or as often as needed. Personally I applied it to damp hair before blow-drying in place of all other styling products. I gave the bottle a shake (this is recommended) and worked it through the mid-lengths and ends. If you had extremely dry or frizzy hair, I think the roots would be fine, but because my strands are thin the last thing I want to do is make them greasy.

The Results: Glossy, healthy-looking hair

emily algar after using biosilk silk therapy

I found that right from the very first application, Silk Therapy Original truly did give my hair a soft, extra-shiny finish. Frazzled ends were smoothed and the way my hair reflected light was amazing. The formula is also extremely lightweight and quickly absorbed, so it’s safe for thinner hair types, such as my own.

It didn’t really seem to have any long term effects as far as hair health is concerned, but the immediate difference was palpable. If you want a simple product that will leave your strands shiny and manageable, Biosilk is a great choice.

The Value: Reasonable for its effects

The range for hair serums that impart shine and soften hair is wide. There are options under-$10, and options that exceed a $100 price tag. I think it’s a great product that makes a visible difference, but its effects are short-term. If you are looking immediate results, its price tag is reasonable. However, if want to see longer-term effects, it might be worth investing in a different product, like a bond-builder.

Similar Products: You’ve got options

It’s A 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Leave-In: This glossing, lotion mist contains hydrolyzed silk and mulberry extract to soften frizz and impart  healthy-looking shine. Use the Miracle Silk Leave-In ($26) as a leave-in treatment, or to finish off a sleek ponytail.

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Hair Cream: Thick, coarse or curly hair will appreciate this rich conditioning cream from Oribe. Packed with amino acids, plant extracts, and amber, Supershine ($26) will help with nourishment and shine, while simultaneously reducing flyaways.

Final Verdict

Biosilk Silk Therapy Original is a great product for instantly improving the look and feel of hair, especially when things like frizz and dullness are an issue. I’m not entirely sold on it as a reconditioning or strengthening treatment, but you can’t deny it’s instantly gratifying. Because my hair is quite fine and soft, I don’t think I’d repurchase, but if you’re looking for a formula that delivers a glassy, healthy-looking shine, I absolutely recommend it.

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