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Dwayne Johnson goes blond in festive makeover: ‘Where’s my dignity?’

Dwayne Johnson turns blond in festive makeover by daughters: ‘Dwanta in a tutu

Dwayne Johnson’s kids have given Dwanta Claus a Christmas makeover ahead of the big day.

The Black Adam actor showed it his festive spirit as a blond in an Instagram video.

In one of the sections one of his daughters can even be heard saying, “Oh daddy you look so pretty daddy,” the moment after his other hands him a tutu.

Dwayne Johnson goes blond in festive makeover: ‘Wheres my dignity?

The tutu however, ends up becoming the icing on the cake as Dwanta Claus can be seen putting his foot down and saying, “I also need my dignity.”



The post also featured a caption that encompassed the whirlwind makeover and reads, “First morning back home with my tornados and by 8am they insisted on giving ‘Dwanta Claus a make over before Christmas’”.

“I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then IM WINNING BABY Dwanta needs a tutu… and his DIG-NUH-DEE”. (dignity)

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