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Eco-Friendly Packaging Options from ABA Packaging Corp

Eco-Friendly Packaging Options from ABA Packaging Corp

ABA Packaging Corp. is committed to working with our existing supplier base and new suppliers world-wide to provide real eco-friendly primary packaging solutions for cosmetic, fragrance, and personal care applications.


A large segment of our customer base, from the very smallest entrepreneur to the largest multi-national companies, have expressed a strong interest in finding primary packaging components for their new projects that are the most eco-friendly. Many of these customers have a personal interest and goal of moving forward with the most environmentally friendly packaging options. Others are being driven in this direction due to demands that are being put forward by their consumer base and the retailers. Probably 70% of the customers that visit our tradeshow booth at the various shows that we participate in have eco-friendly packaging on the top of their to-do list.

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