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ENVERS GLAS Techno Airless Glass

The Premium Airless Jar

After the success obtained with Envers, which gave a new twist to the “classic” concept of a jar, Lumson introduces a new chapter in the Touchless (airless with pouch) story launching Envers Glas, the premium 50ml glass jar airless system.


Over the last few years, the market has seen immense growth in requests for airless systems, a technological and high-quality packaging that offers various advantages: it helps prevent oxidation, increases product shelf life, protects against contamination from external agents, and guarantees precise dosing. Driving the demand is the cosmetic sector which encompasses almost 90& of the market, followed by the pharmaceutical and food industries.

There are multiple reasons behind the boom of this type of packaging. On one end are skincare brands wanting to offer consumers maximum safety and to protect formulas from contamination risk and on the other, new indie brands with a ‘green’ approach  looking for packaging made with sustainable and/or separable materials. Research&Markets has estimated that the airless market, today worth around 3.2 billion euros, will exceed 7 by 2027 with an average annual growth of +5,7%.


Lumson is one of the key players in the airless market on an international level. Thanks to its ability to combine technology, design, and innovation, the company has been able to establish itself on the market and win over brands worldwide. The first Envers, launched in 2018, is the perfect example of its philosophy. Elegant and functional, it gave the ‘classic’ concept of a jar a new meaning. The “on-off” system opened the doors to a new cosmetic application technique while the exclusive aesthetic, provided by the pairing of the jar to the dispensing system, melded perfectly with the airless system technology (Touchless) and with the pouch enclosed within the jar ensuring product purity. This explains why Envers has become an iconic packaging.


In 2022, a new chapter unfolds in the story of Lumson’s airless with pouch systems with the launch of ENVERS GLAS, which combines all the characteristics of the ‘classic’ Envers with the exquisite quality of glass.

The sophisticated and contemporary design is enhanced by the use of glass, a prestigious and noble material. The minimalistic, clean silhouette of Envers Glas is a declaration of intent: the result of a precise approach to cosmetic packaging which is luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing. Thanks to the perfect fusion of technology, elegance, functionality, and safety, Envers Glas represents packaging that is one-of-a-kind with unmistakable style.

Catering perfectly to the consumer needs of women who prefer products in jars for their beauty routines, Envers Glas is practical to use, guarantees formula integrity and high product restitution, can be customized with an ample variety of effects and decorations (screen printing, hot stamping, metallization, internal coating…), but most importantly, it’s the first airless with pouch in a jar that unites plastic and glass. An emblem of positive luxury, Envers Glas, like all Lumson’s airless systems, was designed with an eco-conscious approach: once the product is finished, the glass and plastic components can be separated and disposed of using the appropriate recycling method.

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