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Foiltech to Transition Its Customers Over to Infinity Foils Inc.

Going forward, all orders for Foiltech products will be handled directly by Infinity Foils Inc.

Foiltech to Transition Its Customers Over to Infinity Foils Inc.

Infinity Foils Inc. recently reached an agreement with Greg Herrell, the owner of Foiltech Ltd., to help transition his customers over to Infinity Foils Inc.

Canada located, Foiltech has been servicing Canadian customers for well over 20 years, and this new business arrangement will allow Foiltech’s customers to continue to have a reliable foil supply for now and into the future.

Herrell had been searching for a business solution that would support his longstanding customers, as well as, give him a soft-landing for exiting his business ownership. Over the years, Foiltech has built a trusted following of loyal customers and Herrell’s obligation to their needs was paramount in his decision to find the best solution.

With a proven track record for over 17 years, Infinity Foils provided the right customer service model and range of foil products for Foiltech customers. Infinity Foils also provides Herrell’s customers with an enhanced customer service support, a savvy website for easy online purchasing and technical support.

“I have known the Hutchison family [owners of Infinity Foils Inc.] for most of my adult life and I couldn’t have wished for a better company to transition my customers to. I trust their business acumen and know that they are always customer-centric. I am confident that my customers will be well taken care of by Infinity Foils Inc.,” said Herrell.

“Once we started the transition process, there was never a doubt, I knew I made the right decision. No other foil company can offer the same level of excellent customer care, service, quality of product and performance like Infinity Foils, Inc. can,” he added.

Infinity Foils, Inc. has acquired the inventory of Foiltech and reassigned the Foiltech customers to Infinity Foils Inc. This process was executed in advance of the public notification of the agreements in order to assure that Infinity Foils Inc. was able to best service Foiltech customers.

“We are thrilled to offer Greg and his Foiltech customers a long-term resource. Infinity Foils, Inc. is more than ready and fully capable to assure that Foiltech customers find the transition absolutely seamless. Our business is driven by customer satisfaction and there is no greater compliment than having one of your former competitors trusting you enough to take care of the customer relationships they built. We are confident that Greg’s customers will find Infinity Foils Inc. to be a supplier that they can count on,” said Jim Hutchison, President of Infinity Foils Inc.

To add even more value, Herrell will remain in Canada in a sales and technical support capacity assisting with the transition to Infinity Foils Inc. His knowledge and experience, coupled with Infinity Foils’ product range, will provide Canadian customers with an excellent sales and technical resource. This is also a bonus for all existing Canadian Infinity Foils Inc. customers, as he will be an additional resource for their current Infinity Foils Inc. representative.

Going forward, all orders for Foiltech products will be handled directly by Infinity Foils Inc. All inquiries should be directed to Infinity Foils Inc. or Greg Herrell.

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