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Established in 1987, GLASPRAY is a designer and manufacturer of dispensing packages for fragrance, skincare and cosmetic industries. Glaspray’s product R&D strictly follows core values of the “R” guideline of Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We strive to innovate solutions that fulfill customer’s requirements on sustainability. Today, our product line of dispensing packages is 100% refillable and/or reusable and this is to express our care and concern for the work we live in.

As an innovator in refillable packages, Glaspray’s goal is to provide solutions to our partners to achieve their guidelines and standards of sustainability towards a true circular economy.

GoTwist is Glaspray’s name and identity for twist-up packages for skincare and fragrance products, and contain the core values of the “R” guideline of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

A twist up package is equipped with cartridge refill system, designed so that the inner bottle can be easily replaced once empty. Canister is reusable and yields a minimum of 66% reduction of plastics by weight in our full plastic package. The cartridge replacement system means less impact on the environment by reducing the amount of packages used.

Glaspray product line has three types of twist up packages,

  • TUA (Twist Up Airless): a patented airless system for cosmetic and skincare products.
  • TUD (Twist Up Dispenser): inner glass or PETG bottles for high viscous products.
  • Twist and spray: inner glass vial with world class quality dispensing mist pumps for various applications; fragrance, facial mist, setting spray and sanitation spray.

Global responsibility to be sustainable will continue to drive more eco-friendly developments. Glaspray has kept sustainability in the forefront or our development for GoTwist products. PCR content, components that are easy-to-separate and refillable packaging are among top requests for sustainable package. Glaspray’s GoTwist solution is a good choice to fulfill these requests and retain brand identification at the same time.

Value DNA

Thinking from new perspectives and applying intelligent engineering, Glaspray integrated different designs and mechanism, transforming ideas and concepts to products in unconventional ways.

Glaspray continues to create true multi-functional/cross over products in the market’s ever changing trends by adapting alternative functions, applications and materials in our product design. We offer a manufacturing process that facilitates different engineering requirements.

Less is more. Glaspray turns complex techniques and packaging structures into simple design language. We combine minimalism with refinement for your stylish consumers to strengthen your market differentiation.

CNC Aluminum Alloy Twist-Up Packages

Alloy series is crafted from high-grade 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. The weighted luxurious quality of the canister is unique and has a distinct tactile feel. Alloy canisters gets the tough job done for on-the-go applications as they are extremely rigid and durable.

CNC Aluminum Alloy twist-up packages are available for all fragrance and skincare lines.

All Glaspray twist up dispensers utilize cartridge refill system. A system that is refined, easy-to-use, and innovative. The refill cartridge is easily replaced, and separated for recycling when equipped with a screw pump.

The cartridge refill system is a great way to create a full product line that’s novel and attractive. The ability to design a mix and match line of products is extraordinary, based on any number of criteria. A firm might even use it to create a sample set. The possibilities are endless, as are the marketing approaches.


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