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Green Goo Announces NFL Linebacker Shaq Thompson as Brand Ambassador

Green Goo is a plant-based brand by Sierra Sage Herbs, founded by the Scott family.

Green Goo has a new brand ambassador—NFL linebacker Shaq Thompson.

Green Goo is a brand by Sierra Sage Herbs, a certified B corp founded in 2008 by sisters Jodi and Jen Scott and their mother, Kathy Scott (shown above.) The natural body care company makes plant-based products.

As Green Goo’s first official ambassador, Thompson stars in the “Rub It In” campaign (shown above). Thompson is a dedicated philanthropist, and known for his success as outside linebacker for the Carolina Panthers.

He is the founder of the Thompson Legacy Fund, an organization dedicated to offering resources and support to low-income children in Sacramento, CA, and Charlotte, NC. Thomson also provides kids and young adults with access to dental care through its Shaq’s Smiles program.

Proper care is essential when it comes to career longevity as an athlete. Green Goo’s potent plant-based formulas help Thompson nourish and recover.

“As a professional athlete, what I put on my body is vitally important,” explains Thompson. “Green Goo helps me heal my body naturally so I can stay in the game. Beyond the products themselves, knowing that we’re both committed to philanthropy and improving our communities is instrumental in our partnership, and I’m excited to join Green Goo in their mission to spread goodness.”

Thompson will leverage his social media following to help amplify the message of the power of plant-based wellness and educate his community about the benefits of Green Goo.

The partnership extends beyond the products and performance synergies, with philanthropy as a cornerstone of the Green Goo brand and a core value of Thompson’s. As a certified B Corp, Green Goo aligns and partners with charities, aid organizations, and causes both in the United States and around the world, and the brand will become a sponsor of Thompson Legacy Fund events throughout the year.

“We are honored that Shaq has chosen to partner with us to help us bring Green Goo to a new audience, expanding the reach of our plant-based body care solutions and our philanthropic efforts,” states Sierra Sage Herbs CEO and Co-Founder Jodi Scott.

Green Goo’s products are described as “portable first aid” and are crafted using a proprietary lipid-infusion process. Rather than using harsh chemicals or pre-made extracts, Green Goo infuses healing herbs and whole-plant botanicals in rich, nourishing organic essential oils to maximize the purity and elevate the healing properties of its products.

Green Goo ingredients are organic whenever possible, are sourced using fair trade principles, and include no harmful chemicals.

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