Hailey Bieber Is Launching a New Rhode Product—And She Told Us All About It

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber has had a busy year, and honestly, that’s an understatement. She’s graced several covers (including Byrdie’s digital issue in June), consistently churned out buzzy videos on her YouTube channel, and launched a thriving skincare brand, Rhode. Becoming a beauty founder is undoubtedly one of the achievements Bieber is most proud of this year, as it took nearly two and a half years to bring her vision to life. The line debuted in June with three affordable, research-backed products: the Peptide Glazing FluidBarrier Restore Cream, and Peptide Lip Treatment. While each has sold out several times, the Peptide Lip Treatment has become a clear fan favorite (just scroll through TikTok for proof).

Wondering why there is so much hype? Well, coming from someone who has tested plenty of lip care products, the Peptide Lip Treatment is truly one of the best. As the name suggests, the formula includes peptides, which help plump the lips and reduce fine lines. It’s also infused with a moisture-boosting trio of shea butter, babassu, and cupuaçu. Since launching, the award-winning lip product has been available in three flavors: salted caramel, watermelon slice, and unscented. However, Bieber recently hopped on Zoom with me to share that she’s launching a new vanilla cake flavor on her 26th birthday (November 22).

Ahead, Bieber shares more on the upcoming Peptide Lip Treatment release. She also fills us in on her winter skincare routine, current manicure obsession, and the lessons she’s learned at 25.

The One Thing That Inspired the New Peptide Lip Treatment

“I knew I wanted to do a limited flavor for my birthday. I felt like it would be cute to do something that celebrated my birthday, as it’s my first birthday since the brand launched. I’m somebody who loves yummy, sweet flavors. So, I thought about my love of vanilla cake and cupcakes for this version of the Peptide Lip Treatment. In addition to doing a limited flavor, we also wanted different packaging. So we did a cream tube with pink letters. I think people will get their hands on it and feel like it’s fun and special.”

The One Thing She’s Most Proud of Since Launching Rhode

“I’ve been talking about this a lot. When you are launching a brand and putting a lot of love and care into it, you have hopes for it. But you never know how people will respond until they have tried the products. It feels like a risk, but it’s a risk I’m very glad I took. I have been so overwhelmed in the best way by the response. I am happy people love it as much as I do. I hoped people would get their hands on the products, try them, and love the formulas.”

Hailey Bieber

The One Thing That Changes About Her Skincare Routine During the Winter

“I struggle with dry skin, especially during the fall and winter. I typically stick to the same routine and use the Peptide Glazing Fluid and Barrier Restore Cream. However, I like adding products on top to seal everything in at night. I’ll usually apply a balm or rich mask.”

The One Thing That Inspires Her Fall and Winter Manicures

“I gravitate toward darker shades. Right now, I love a classic black manicure. I’ll also wear dark brown, maroon, or dark purple polish. I had to give the glazed nails a break because I had been doing it for months, but I will bring them back in a new way soon. The thing I love about the glazed manicure is that it works for all seasons, and you can do it with any color. The other day, my manicurist Zola, decided to test the chrome on my black polish. It looked cool, but I wasn’t ready to jump back into it yet.”

The One Thing She Always Keeps In Her Makeup Bag

“I honestly don’t wear makeup very often in my daily life because I get it done often for work, and I want to give my skin a break. But, if I were going on a quick weekend trip and needed my makeup essentials, I would need a brow gel. I’d also bring concealer, the Peptide Lip Treatment, nude lip liner to enhance my natural lips, cheek balm to add some color, and SPF.

The One Thing She Learned at 25

“I struggle with caring so much about what people think, and that’s because I love people. I’m still learning this lesson, but I’ve been trying to let go of being such an extreme people-pleaser because it can be detrimental. I’m also trying to establish better boundaries with everything in life.”

The One Thing She’s Most Excited About As She Turns 26

“I’m excited to continue pushing forward with Rhode and develop new products. I’m very excited to launch in new places and for more people to be able to try the products. Personally, I’m looking forward to continuing to make really good memories. 25 has been a really good year for me. It has been my favorite year of my life so far, and it’s because I feel more grounded and confident. I really enjoy getting older. Every year I get older, I feel like I like that year more than the last.”

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