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Haus Labs’ New Foundation Is Worth The TikTok Hype

Lady Gaga and models wearing Haus Labs foundation

Lady Gaga entered the makeup game with the goal of defying conventional notions of beauty, as she’s been doing for her decade-long career. Since its launch in 2019, her brand Haus Labs has established a reputation for its vibrant, daring line of high-performance makeup that actually cares for your skin.

Now, the Haus Labs team set out to demonstrate that you can have it all, with the launch of its new Triclone Skin Tech Foundation ($45) that provides long-wear, high-performance, and supercharged skincare benefits to help reduce redness and inflammation.

Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech foundation
Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation $45.00


“Our founder has tested it on every red carpet,” Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Coller tells Byrdie. According to Coller, Gaga adores the foundation because it feels like skincare, but provides full, flawless coverage.

Sarah Tanno, Gaga’s personal makeup artist and Haus Labs’s Global Artistry Director adds: “I have trusted this foundation on the most important red carpets and biggest magazine covers, and even the pickiest photographers love it because it’s almost undetectable,”

Other less-famous customers seem to share the same sentiment—since the September launch, the foundation has become a viral fan favorite among TikTok users, especially those with sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Ahead, learn more about the formula, why TikTok is obsessed with it, and our honest Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation reviews.

The Formula

Available in 51 different shades, the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation has been in development for two years with the goal of creating a medium-coverage product that is suitable for all skin tones and types.

“To develop the ideal formula, we worked in the lab for more than 1,000 hours and ran 27 trials,” Coller says of the development process that entailed testing on over 400 shade models. “We made sure we had the ideal shades and undertones for a wide range of complexions.”

“We partnered with our Research and Development labs in Korea to create a formula made without PEGs, talc, cyclic silicones, and more than 2700 questionable ingredients,” explains Gloria Ryu, Haus Labs’ Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation. However, she adds that the foundation does contain 20 skincare ingredients.

A key element in the mixture, according to Ryu, is patent-pending fermented arnica, which has been clinically confirmed to be 860% more effective than conventional arnica to balance out skin tone and visibly reduce redness and irritation.

Other ingredients include IntelliZen 7 Complex, a blend of medicinal herbs that function synergistically, and BioFerment 7 Complex, an antioxidant-rich complex that supports anti-inflammation, anti-aging, and protection.

The Hype

The foundation piqued TikToker’s interest due to its claims to leave you with a smooth, natural, and luminous look. It also helped that the brand prioritized being inclusive of all skin tones, types, and undertones.

Several reviews of the foundation have views in the millions, with users calling it the best foundation of all time.

TikTokers are most impressed with how much coverage it gives while still looking natural. They also rave about the fact that it feels water-light, despite delivering so much pigment. The skin-like finish and perfecting effect have user Audrey Hsu calling it “the future of foundation.”

How to Choose Your Shade

The brand’s shade matching system is based on a true color wheel, which is different than how most brands do it, so you may have a little trouble deciding on a shade. Below, Tanno breaks down exactly how to find your shade in the Triclone Skin foundation.

If you are testing in a store. “Apply a strip of product to your jawline and go to natural light. Don’t trust the lights in a store.”

If you are shopping online. “You can take the color match quiz on, which will ask you several personalized questions to help find your perfect match. Answer the questions the best you can. The shade match quiz has photo references of models so that it is easier for you to compare and understand the different undertones.”

If your veins are green. She breaks down that for this foundation, cool tones have shades of yellow, golden, and olive. “Your skin tans easily after time in the sun and the veins on your wrists are primarily green.”

If your veins are blue or purple. She further explains that the foundations with warm tones have pink, peach, and rosy hues. “You burn easily after spending time in the sun. The veins on your wrists are primarily blue or purple.”

If your veins are blue and green. Tanno shares that neutral is a balance of cool and warm tones. “You turn a bit pink and then tan after spending time in the sun. The veins on your wrists are a mix of blue and green.”

The Reviews

Holly Rhue, Associate Editorial Director

Holly wearing Haus Labs Foundation

I don’t typically reach for full-coverage foundations (I’m acne-prone), but I absolutely love this. It completely blurs and softens my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. As you can see, it seamlessly delivers a flawless base while still making my skin look like skin. Gaga and Tanno absolutely nailed this.

Emerald Elitou, Freelance News Writer

Emerald wearing Haus Labs foundation

“As someone who enjoys a good no-makeup makeup look, I was intrigued to learn about Haus Labs’ newest invention. Admittedly, I did feel a little overwhelmed when picking the right shade online because of the wide range of options available. When it first arrived, I was concerned that the Triclone Foundation shade wouldn’t be the best fit for my skin. Thankfully, after application, I hardly noticed a difference between my natural skin tone and the foundation. I applied the foundation with my hands and blended it with the brush. I loved how the Haus Labs foundation brush provided a medium-coverage, glowy skin finish that didn’t look or feel unnatural. Without a doubt, this is now my go-to when I want a ‘my skin, but better’ moment.”

Olivia Hancock, Editor

Olivia wears Haus Labs foundation

“I’m very picky when it comes to foundation, but Haus Lab’s foundation checks off every box for me. It’s lightweight, medium coverage, and powered by over 20 skin-loving ingredients. As soon as I blended it into my skin, I was impressed by the results it delivered. It effortlessly blurred and smoothed my skin. Plus, it gave my skin a noticeable, radiant glow. I can definitely see this becoming a staple in my everyday makeup routine.”

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