Holiday 2022’s Biggest Nail Trends Include Nude Chrome and Sweater Prints

holiday nails

We never need a reason to bust out the glitter, but the holiday season is a great one. That’s especially true for your nails. Since the merriest time of year is all about holiday cheer, you can celebrate by adding some sparkle and shine to your fingertips. Think festive nail art or lacquer shades that scream holiday glamour.

Thanks to the holiday 2022 nail trends, making that happen is easy. This season, it’s all about holiday-hued French tips with a twist and new ways to sparkle, like nude chrome and see-through shimmer. Get the intricate nail art sans seeing a pro by using festive nail wraps—like sweater prints—that are a cinch to apply.

Check out the holiday 2022 nail trends, according to nail artists.

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French Tips

Red French Tips

“French tips aren’t going away,” says Lilly Rojas, cofounder of New York City’s first indoor/outdoor nail salon Lili and Cata. “For holiday 2022, update your typical French manicure with a holiday feel. Choose any color to create jelly French tips; glitter French tips; or bold, chic, and shimmery red French tips using Olive & June’s new Lippy shade ($8). Don’t skip the base coat, as it protects your nails from yellowing and acts like a primer for your nails. Then choose your sheer color of choice (most people pick sheer beige or sheer pink).” From there, apply two coats of that sheer color, and then, with a striper brush, apply the French tip color of your choice. Start on the side edge and swipe toward the middle. Do the same on the other side and then perfect the smile and join it in the middle. Finish off with a top coat.

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Gorgeous Glitter

Gorgeous Glitter nails

“As with every year, holiday nails wouldn’t be the same without a bit of glitter and sparkle,” says Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc. “This year, Nails Inc. has launched HD Glitters ($9), which are highly condensed micro glitter polishes that really give that high-def sparkle in the light. They can be used as an allover mani for the bold, a ring-finger mani for the daytime, or to create sparkly French tips.”

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Glazed Donut Nails

Glazed Donut Nails

“The Glazed Doughnut trend is the hottest nail trend of 2022, made famous by Hailey Bieber,” says Pattie Yankee, celebrity nail artist and consulting manicurist for Dashing Diva. “The shimmery chrome finishes have extended into new designs and colors, with the most popular being the Chrome French Manicure and a rich Chocolate Glazed Doughnut for the Fall/Winter season. In addition to these hot trending shades, Dashing Diva offers a shimmery plum shade called Sangria Glaze ($16) and the classic frosted Vanilla Glaze ($16) shade.”

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Nude Chrome

Nude Chrome

Rojas echoes that chrome will continue to trend through the winter. “Chrome colors can be found in various shades and always look holiday-ready, thanks to their stunning shimmering effect,” she says. Start with your favorite base coat, and then apply two coats of chrome polish like one from Sally Hansen’s Good. Kind. Pure Collection ($8). Lastly, apply a top coat like Olive & June’s Quick Dry Top Coat ($8) to seal it all in.

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Midnights Mani

Midnights Mani

“Nail art is going to be a huge hit for the holidays,” Green says. “Why not try one of our nail toppers to add some sparkle to your mani? Taking inspiration from Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ mani, use a dark shade like our gel-effect polish in Black Taxi ($15) with the silver star Showstopping Spitalfields Topper ($11).”

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Velvet Nails

Velvet nails

“Velvet Nails or the magnetic cat-eye styles are the perfect holiday look for a unique glittering manicure,” Yankee says. “The use of layered glitter creates multidimensional depth in single and multicolored styles.”

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See-Through Shimmer

Sheer Shimmer

“Minimalism is in, and these jaw-dropping statement nails are both simple and chic, and go with just about every look,” Rojas says. “This look is easy to produce as long as you have the right color polish. Start with your favorite base coat. Then apply two coats of a sheer shimmer polish. Always seal with your favorite top coat for protection.” Try Dazzle Dry in Spiritual Diva or Wink Wink ($22).

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Modern Matte

Modern Matte

“Matte nails are going to be on everyone’s wish list this holiday season,” Rojas says. “The matte effect looks awesome on dark hues for winter. Add a French tip or nail art and you’ve got yourself the most-wanted holiday gift this year. Matte nails are all about the top coat. The whole manicure is done as it normally would be (i.e., a base followed by  two coats of color or nail art), and then you apply a matte top coat carefully to transform the finished product to matte. Make sure to cover the whole nail; don’t leave any empty spaces, as this is what makes the whole look matte.”

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Seeing Red

Seeing red

“As always, you will see red nails and especially red glitter as a clear favorite around the holiday table,” Green says. “Try our Red Velvet Please Nail Polish Quad Set ($22) for delicious reds and complementary shades for any celebration.”

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Sweater Prints

Sweater Prints

Dress up your tips in the season’s comfy go-tos. “Classically cozy and reminiscent of holidays spent at home by a roaring fire, a sweater-print design and plaid accents will get you in the holiday season, especially styles with a 3D texture,” Yankee says. Let easy-to-apply gel strips do the nail art for you. Try Dashing Diva Gloss Effects Cozy Sweater ($7) or Gloss Palette Blitzen’s Ball ($8).

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Negative Space

Negative Space

“Negative space nails are always trending, but for someone who’s traveling for the holidays, it’s a necessity,” Rojas says. “This design not only looks incredible, but it will also make your gel manicure extend to the two-plus-weeks mark, and the growth won’t be visible. For negative space nails, it’s important to start with a great base coat. Then choose your color for the design and whether you want negative space to start vertically, diagonally, or half-moon. For the holidays this year, we expect dark greens, reds, and blues to be in. The new Olive & June Coat Check set ($36) includes them all! Negative space nails are great because the color doesn’t go all the way to the cuticle area. When the nail starts growing, it won’t be visible, as the manicure was purposely started with a defined edge.”

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