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Holiday Jewelry Trends: How a New Generation is Adding Their Own “Sparkle” to the Season

Jewelry has always been a big part of winter fashion and always comes out to play during the winter, from holiday celebrations to New Year’s Eve parties. Even if you’re an everyday jewelry wearer, you’ll likely reach for an eye-catching jewelry piece to complete your look. Traditionally, holiday jewelry has always been about lots of sparkle and gems, but as usual, Gen Zers and millennials are putting their twists on tradition and opting for alternatives to classic holiday pieces this upcoming season. Instead of dangling diamonds and delicate gold necklaces, they are looking for freshwater pearls and sterling silver.

This doesn’t mean that gemstones and diamonds are completely ruled out of the equation when getting ready for your festivities. Instead, we’re just seeing alternative approaches to classic trends. More importantly, we’re also seeing a shift toward more sustainable jewelry choices with these pieces. Instead of one-time-wear pieces, more people are choosing to make small investments in high-quality pieces they truly love.

To learn more about what pieces to sport during the holiday season, we spoke with Charlotte Alden, founder of Lottie. She discusses what holiday jewelry trends will be popular this season and which will be taking a back seat. Plus, we’ve also included a few recommendations for shopping the trends yourself.

Read on for five unexpected holiday jewelry trends that will bring the sparkle to all your winter soirees.


Charlotte Alden is the founder and designer of Lottie, a New York-based luxury jewelry brand.


Pearl necklace, choker, and drop earrings

Marilyn Monroe once said, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but if current trends have told us anything, it’s that pearls have nudged diamonds out of the group chat. What was once thought of as stuffy and preppy has become an eclectic, edgy gemstone for a new generation of jewelry wearers. Alden says that colored and hand-painted pearls are particularly hot right now. “We are seeing a lot more of darker neutral hues such as blacks, grays, browns, and creams,” she says.

Chunky Statement Pieces

Emerald necklace, heart necklace, pearl bow earrings.

According to Alden, chunky jewelry is being favored over minimalist pieces this season. “I think minimalism has been in for so long that people are lusting for a complete change,” she adds. “People want to wear something more fun and exciting and are bored of playing it safe with minimalism.” Quick tip: Chunky pieces can also take a simple outfit to the next level. Alden explains that you can stick to one or two basic dresses and switch up your accessories to get you through the season. Plus, packing more jewelry than clothes will certainly save you suitcase space if you’re traveling for your holiday plans.


Cross earrings and necklace collage.

As for what these statement pieces will look like, Alden thinks that chunky crosses will be an unexpected trend. “I think religion has been a tipped-over subject lately, so crosses for jewelry can be a bit jarring at first, but they have an edginess to them, which is why they have become so appealing,” she says. She also points out that crosses have become even more popular with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Dolce and Gabbana–themed wedding.

Sterling Silver

Silver cuff, hoop earrings, and heart pendant necklace.

Personally, when I think of the holidays, I think of gold, but this year, sterling silver seems to be the metal of choice when it comes to jewelry. “I was strictly a gold girl since childhood, but recently I’ve been donning more silver,” says Alden. Plus, sterling silver is much more affordable than gold jewelry and can last just as long with the right care.

Hot Pink

Pink bear pendant, pink squiggle earrings, and pink flower choker.

We’ve seen hot pink everywhere this year with the rise of Barbiecore, but Alden thinks the bold shade will continue into the holiday season. Hot pink is also a fun way to bring a bit of color and personality into your look, especially for New Year’s Eve.


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