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Hydrafacial and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Co-Create a Booster

It will bring Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare into the treatment room as a Hydrafacial treatment customization option.

Hydrafacial, a BeautyHealth brand, is partnering with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare to co-create a new booster—bringing Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare into the treatment room as a Hydrafacial treatment customization option.

The new  Hydrafacial x Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare booster is under development, and will leverage Dr. Dennis Gross’s skincare technology and patented formulations to bring the trusted brand to consumers in a professional setting.

The booster will be delivered with Hydrafacial’s Magic Wand hand piece, using its patented Vortex Fusion technology.

Hydrafacial has partnered with approximately 20 other skincare brands, including JLo Beauty, to co-create boosters. Estheticians are able to personalize each Hydrafacial treatment according to a consumer’s particular skin concerns.

Andrew Stanleick, president and CEO of BeautyHealth, says, “Our booster strategy truly sets Hydrafacial apart, as the only one of its kind in the industry. We give estheticians the ultimate personalized treatment tool and are excited to expand our booster offerings through this partnership.”

Hydrafacial’s co-creation model can deliver a booster in under six months, a fraction of the time typically required to develop a full skincare line.

Alastin Skincare co-created a booster last year, and since 2018, HydraFacial clients have had the option to add Senté’s Dermal Repair to the treatment.

Dr. Dennis Gross comments, “This new booster combines Hydrafacial’s state-of-the-art delivery technology with our unique cocktail of clinically proven active ingredients, ultimately giving superior results. Hydrafacial is a trusted leader at the intersection of beauty and aesthetics which makes this partnership a natural fit.”

The Hydrafacial x Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare booster will be available in 2023.

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