Kao Commercializes Skin Potential Analysis Service

Informs customers about their skin’s current condition and suggests the appropriate skin care they require.

Kao’s cosmetics business has commercialized Skin Potential Analysis, a service that employs skin surface lipids- RNA (SSL-RNA) monitoring technology to give a detailed picture of the skin’s condition.

Launching this month, Skin Potential Analysis will inform customers about their skin’s current condition and suggest the appropriate skin care they require.

Using the two biological specimens of SSL-RNA and the stratum corneum, Skin Potential Analysis, aims to pinpoint what is happening in the skin at the time of analysis. Specifically, it analyzes 12 markers responsible for attractive skin, such as the skin’s barrier function, sensitivity to UV rays and glycation level. Results are compared to the average of the same age groups, giving customers information about their current skin condition.

Categories that can be identified with Skin Potential Analysis include:

  • Moisture content
  • Ceramide quality
  • Corneocyte quality
  • Multilayered corneoctye level
  • Barrier function
  • Melanin content
  • UV ray damage level
  • Sensitivity to UV ray damage
  • Glycation level
  • Oxidation level
  • Ability to deliver beauty
  • Total oxidation level

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