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L’Occitane Group Announces New Corporate Mission

L’Occitane Group’s new corporate mission statement is—”With empowerment we positively impact people and regenerate nature.”

L’Occitane Group, which recently acquired Alchemist, has announced a new corporate mission—to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

Its new corporate mission statement is, “With empowerment we positively impact people and regenerate nature.” The company also created a Sustainability Committee and each member of the leadership team has signed a letter committing to be a steward of the company’s mission.

Reinold Geiger, chairman, L’Occitane Group, says, “The most meaningful way to make a difference in this rapidly changing world is to work together. In that sense, the mission is what links and drives us: a genuine desire to have a positive impact on both people and nature.”

André Hoffmann, CEO, explains, “The essence of the mission has always been fundamental to our business. However, as we continue to grow and welcome new brands on board, we recognize the importance of underlining our shared ambitions. We believe this is the perfect time in our evolution to introduce a new corporate mission that resonates with and involves all our stakeholders.”

Hoffman adds, “As a group of synergistic brands, our clear mission will enable us to move forward together in a spirit of collaboration, mutual respect and unity.”

L’Occitane Group includes the L’Occitane brand, as well as Elemis, Sol Janeiro, Melvita France, Duolab and more, says that its global employees are invited to contribute to the mission.

L’Occitane Group’s New Mission Has 3 Principles

The three core principles of the mission are:

1. To Empower People

L’Occitane Group will inspire innovation and unlock new opportunities to create change and bring out the best in one other. This ethos extends to inspiring and bringing value to all its consumers and communities.

2. To Ensure Actions Have a Positive Impact

L’Occitane Group will ensure its actions have a positive impact on people. This is demonstrated by its unwavering commitment to the communities with which it works. It includes ethical sourcing, design, and manufacturing. “Everyone can make a difference by taking responsibility for one another and nature,” the company states.

3. To Regenerate Nature

L’Occitane will focus on nature and how the positive actions of all employees can have a direct impact on our environment. “By joining forces, real change can be achieved across the entire cosmetics and agricultural industry,” the company says.

Future Actions

The company says it will continue to focus on its new mission as a critical point of reference steering the actions of the entire company—in an atmosphere of inclusivity.

L’Occitane Group also says it will continue to harness and invest in the strength of its brands.

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