Summer’s here and the sun’s out, so what better than to cool off with a family swim? Zoggs is here to help with some great games to get the whole family involved in making some amazing memories! Whether you’ve got some little ones just starting out or looking to have some fun with friends at the beach these Zoggs games are perfect for everyone!


We’ve brought a Zoggs favourite back this summer – Zoggy Dive Sticks! Sold as singles, these are the perfect toys to just pop in your bag as you are heading to the pool. Whether it’s a race to see who can get Zoggy quickest or use as a relay baton, Zoggy Dive Sticks can be fun for all the family.


This lightweight Frisbee is perfect for any trip to the beach or pool. For kids (and adults) of any age, the Zoggs Frisbee can be a great game or just a fantastic way of passing the time. Try throwing it to each other and each time it’s caught, take a step back and see how far you can get! Who will be the first to drop it? Alternatively, have a distance competition to see who can throw the furthest, how far will yours go?


These are a great way to enjoy some fun in the sun while building confidence in the water. Throw it, catch it, hit it, kick it – it’s perfect to use in a game with teams or just as a pair. Use in a game of throw and retrieve, water polo or just a game of catch. Whatever age and ability your kids may be, this is a great way of livening up your summer swim!


The seaside favourite has returned! The Zoggs bright beach ball is perfect for anyone looking to head to the beach or pool this summer. Play a game of volleyball, football or a simple game of catch. it will provide hours of fun and games. There is also no chance you will lose it with its bright green and blue design!


Want to make a splash this summer? Yes? The water blaster is the product for you! Simply immerse the blaster fully in the water and pull the handle back to fill it, then it is time to run! You aren’t safe anywhere with these, with an amazing range you’re definitely not out of the splash zone even at the other end of the pool! This is definitely one of our favourites, who will win the water fight…


This new addition to the Zoggs Make a Splash summer range is a great pool toy to take on that summer staycations. Being made of flexible neoprene, they are easy to pack and can keep the kids occupied for hours. Whether they race to see who can collect it the quickest or they are learning to swim underwater it can be fun for the whole family.

So what are you waiting for? These games are perfect to keep the family entertained in the water this summer. Head down to your local Everyone Active centre today to check out the Zoggs Make a Splash display and grab yours before they run out!

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