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NF Beauty Group Meets Demands for Innovative Sustainable Packaging & Formulations

The supplier is pushing the boundaries from mono-materials to a recyclable jar, to an oxygen-infused fine mist spray.

Beauty Packaging sits down with Andrea Greff of NF Beauty Group this October
By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief, Beauty Packaging10.17.22
NF Beauty Group strives to meet the demands of sustainability and innovation in the global beauty and personal care market. They are a leader in providing a large scope of packaging, full service, and branding to deliver unlimited value and competitive products. With their diverse offerings, their clients can enjoy trend-forward developments and relevant designs—and trust NF Beauty Group to be an international and modern packaging pioneer. Some of their products include mono-material offerings such as their Celeste Dropper and all-PP-Dropper. Continuously pushing ahead in sustainability, they also offer the Eco Jar, featuring a full aluminum cap (inner and outer) as well as a glass base jar. Also in their innovation realm, and pushing the limits of usability as well as pairing their formula with their packaging, the Vega O2 mister infuses oxygen into the formula to provide a fine mist spray for even application.

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