Parade Teamed Up With Coca-Cola for a Nostalgia-Fueled Collection

Parade Coca-Cola Collection

Things go better with Coke.” That may have been Coca-Cola’s slogan back in 1963, but the phrase still rings true today. The latest thing to pair perfectly with the iconic soda? Underwear. That’s right, the brand has teamed up with Gen Z-loved lingerie company Parade, for a limited edition capsule collection inspired by Coca-Cola’s legendary branding.

Ahead, everything you need to know about the collection.

Parade x Coke undies

The Brands

“Sexiness isn’t one-dimensional—it’s a voice, it’s a feeling, it’s a technicolor mirror that reflects whoever is holding it,” says the CEO of Parade, Cami Téllez, on the brand’s website. Since day one, the brand has set out to re-imagine the lingerie industry with styles that are comfortable, colorful, and don’t cater to the male gaze. Parade launched in 2019 with a range of size-inclusive sustainable mesh undies, and has since expanded into loungewear and silk slips that can be worn in and out of the house.

Parade has a knack for collaborating with iconic brands, including Juicy Couture, and nail care brand Essie.

Parade x Coke

Coca-Cola really needs no introduction—it’s one of the most iconic brands in America, if not the world. While the syrup for Coca-Cola was originally invented as a medicinal treatment for ailments like nausea, heartburn, and headaches, it’s currently enjoyed as one of the most popular sodas around the globe.

Parade x Coke slip dresses

The Inspiration

Coca-Cola has a wealth of iconic imagery to pull from, but for this collection Parade took inspiration from Coke’s ‘80s archive that includes a myriad of retro prints, iconic red-and-white hues, and its standout slogan, “Coke is It!” Additionally, Parade referenced Coca-Cola’s various flavors, including a maroon shade from cherry-flavored Cooke and black and silver colors from Diet Coke, as well as the drink’s iconic logo.

Coke x Parade

The Collection

So, how did Parade encapsulate the joy of an ice-cold Coke on a blistering day? The collection (or the Cola-ection?) includes 14 new prints inspired by Coca-Cola’s ‘80s era, including imagery from Coca-Cola’s “Coke is It!” campaign and colors from Coca-Cola’s original, cherry, and diet flavors.

Parade x Coca Cola

The collection is available in 10 new styles, including underwear, bralettes, dresses, and sets. Standouts include brand-new “vintage” cotton styles decorated with the Cherry Coke logo, satin Coke slips that are perfect for lounging or hitting the town, and an all-over print romper. There’s also what we predict will be the most sought-after pieces from the collection: high-rise briefs decorated with rhinestone Coke, Cherry Coke, and Diet Coke logos.

You can shop the collection today at, with prices starting at $15—but act fast, as Parade’s collabs have a history of selling out.

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