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Peace Out Skincare Receives $20 Million Investment

Will help fund the brand’s ambitions as it continues to expand, rolls out new products, ramps up operations and marketing spend and makes key hires.

Peace Out Skincare, the “skinclusive” acne lifestyle brand, has received a $20 million growth investment from 5th Century Partners, a purpose-driven private investment firm.

This investment will help fund the skincare brand’s ambitions as it continues to expand domestically and internationally, rolls out new products, ramps up operations and marketing spend and makes key hires. This marks Peace Out Skincare’s first outside investment.

In five years, founder and CEO Enrico Frezza has established Peace Out as a leading skincare brand. Peace Out launched with the first and only OTC-approved acne dot and, through its success, Peace Out quickly became the top acne brand at Sephora. To date, more than 50,000,000 acne dots have been sold.

Frezza has continued to innovate, leading Peace Out’s growth from a disruptive acne brand to a multi-generational skincare brand powered by first-to-market patches and strips that address skincare concerns such as dark spots, wrinkles and pores. Peace Out’s solutions also include serums, cleansers and its best-selling encapsulated retinol eye and face sticks for preventive aging, in addition to everyday essential products designed for daily use. The brand now offers 12 skincare products, two of which are patented and five others which are patent pending. Just this year, Peace Out became a fully clean brand and launched on Amazon to continue to expand distribution.

“We are so excited to partner with 5th Century Partners which shares our social values and core ethos to help us realize Peace Out’s bright future,” said Frezza. “This investment will enable us to expand Peace Out domestically and globally, while significantly growing our product offering. Additionally, we will drive stronger marketing and engagement campaigns while providing clean, fun and effective easy-to-use skincare solutions to our customers. We are looking forward to 5th Century Partners’ ongoing insight and support as we continue to champion skinclusive skincare around the world.”

“Our collaboration with Peace Out is driven by our shared passion to create positive impact for communities as well as Peace Out’s emphasis on inclusion, which aligns with 5th Century Partners’ belief that diversity is a core tenant of financial success,” said Catie Bennett, managing director at 5th Century Partners. “Peace Out is a rapidly growing business that delivers superior products, and we look forward to partnering with the team to expand on the incredible momentum they have built over the last five years.”

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