Plazacore Is the Preppy Aesthetic TikTok Is Loving For Fall

Bella Gerard wearing a black dress and gloves on a hotel bed

With a rapid-fire trend cycle churning out new aesthetics on the daily, it can be hard to settle on what’s actually worth shopping. Will that Y2K-inspired micro miniskirt stand the test of time? What about that feral girl summer corset? After a myriad of particularly kitschy aesthetic trends, it’s no surprise many were drawn to the coastal grandmother look, boasting a bevy of timeless, preppy basics suitable for any wardrobe. But when summer winds down and the weather turns, we’ll all be looking for a new prep-adjacent aesthetic to lean into, and I’ve got just the thing: Plazacore.

Recently, my For You Page has been humming with mentions of every drama queen’s favorite childhood character, Eloise. Kay Thompson’s tiny-but-sassy literary heroine Eloise ran New York City back in 1955, long before Carrie Bradshaw, Blair Waldorf, or any other fictitious fashion icons ever stood a chance. Precocious and bold, Eloise flaunted around New York’s most luxurious hotel like she owned the place, usually clad in a white puff-sleeved blouse, knee-high socks and shiny black Mary Janes—with a pink bow in her hair, natch.

Eloise was the original luxe prep icon, perfectly executing a wardrobe of timeless basics without ever skimping on the glamour. This ethos is the heart and soul of Plazacore, an aesthetic dedicated to preppy, girly apparel picks you can keep forever, complemented by trendier, statement-making accessories that add a more lavish flair (it’s not motelcore, after all).

Were she to strut through a hotel lobby in 2022, I have no doubt we’d find Eloise rocking crystal-embellished headbands and feather-trimmed pink platform heels to complement her classic black-and-white getup. But you don’t have to go all out to channel her energy; a frilly white blouse and a black bow will do wonders for your wardrobe.

The Eloise revival may feel a bit random at first, but really, fashion’s recent trends have all been Plazacore buildup. Princesscore and Regency-inspired fashions allowed us to tap into our inner girlie-girls, while the Gossip Girl reboot and aesthetics like tenniscore and dark academia had us itching for preppier pastures. Then, Kim Kardashian practically gave Plazacore her blessing by releasing a range of Skims Hotel essentials, from fluffy skippers to sleepwear and bathrobes (you just know the Plaza has the most perfect bathrobes).

The best part of this trend? There’s no hotel stay required. You don’t need room service to channel Eloise—hell, you needn’t even step foot near The Plaza. Simply channel her undaunted personality, when it comes to everything from speaking your mind to getting dressed. Continue below for the top styles to keep in mind when shopping Plazacore, from wardrobe staples to far more frivolous finds.


Eloise’s wardrobe was primarily black and white, but her signature pink bow serves as major inspiration for Plazacore aesthetics. In her own words: “Think pink. A better way of life.” Stock up first on the basics—a great black skirt, hotel-worthy satin PJs, white collared everything—before adding in as many pops of pink as possible.



When it comes to the details, don’t hesitate to go over the top. Crystals, pearls, feathers, and frills galore! The magic of Plazacore is striking that satisfying balance of classic style and lavish glamour. If Eloise had money beyond a six-year-old’s allowance, I know she’d buy all of the below.



When it comes to daily wear, Mary Janes are absolutely essential—especially when styled with white socks à la the icon herself. For more laid-back days, a pair of hotel slippers does the trick, while glam pink platforms take the cake for all evening endeavors.



More often than not, Eloise didn’t carry a handbag—instead, she strutted the halls with her pet turtle Skipperdee on a leash. When leaning into Plazacore, a more traditional purse is recommended, but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Think cloud-soft pink leather, embellished black bucket bags, and feather-trimmed personalized clutches.

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