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Rohrer is Stepping Up Sustainability Efforts with New Eco-Friendly Packaging

Rohrer is Stepping Up Sustainability Efforts with New Eco-Friendly Packaging

With Earth Month upon us, Rohrer is STEPPING UP SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS. You and your brand may have similar sustainability goals for your packaging. Here are a few statistics that may have you rethinking your packaging to GO GREEN:

In a third-party Sustainable Packaging Survey by Rohrer, in partnership with Hanover Research:

·      83% of companies are interested in more sustainable packaging options
·      80% of packaging decision-makers are interested in making the packaging process more efficient.

If you’re like most companies who are searching for streamlined eco-friendly packaging options, why not GO GREEN with Rohrer? We are ramping up sustainability efforts with the debut of two new eco-friendly packaging solutions – our All-Paper Blister and ecoCombo® sustainable packaging.

The Eco-Friendly All-Paper Blister is Made Completely of Paper
Rohrer’s All-Paper Blister is an innovative packaging solution made entirely of paper. It helps brands advance their sustainability efforts by providing:

·      Offering a variety of recycled or Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified paperboard for its construction
·      Delivering superior printing and decorating on a variety of substrates, including our Process+™ seven-color processing
·      Providing brands with additional marketing and design space on the all-paper packaging
·      Running the All-Paper Blister in Rohrer’s industry-leading ezCombo® program to streamline the packaging process
·      Offering the lowest, most flexible combo quantities in the market (i.e., 5,000 to 100,000)

ecoCombo® is the Industry’s First Earth-Friendly Combination Packaging Program
As the industry’s first post-consumer recycled (PCR) combination-run packaging program, Rohrer’s ecoCombo® packaging is another eco-friendly option for brands. It incorporates sustainable materials in its construction while optimizing packaging production:

·      Blister cards and inserts are made using paperboard comprised of post-consumer waste (65% PCW)
·      SFI® certified paperboard is available
·      Thermoformed blisters are created using post-consumer recycled PET (50% PCR)
·      Runs on your current production lines with existing heat-sealing equipment
·      It can be ordered in convenient combo quantities (i.e., 5,000 to 100,000).

Donating to OneTreePlanted.Org to Invest in Our Earth
In celebration of Earth Day, Rohrer is donating to Together, let’s STEP UP OUR SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS by planting one tree for every new All-Paper Blister or ecoCombo® order processed. It’s a great way to help the environment and advance reforestation efforts around the globe.

How Can I Get Started with Rohrer’s Sustainable Packaging Solutions?
Rohrer’s All-Paper Blister and ecoCombo® packaging is fast, flexible, streamlined and sustainable without the worry. Put ourSUSTAINABLE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS TO WORK for your brand.

At Rohrer, we believe that true partners make the perfect package.Ready to sign up for our eco-friendly All-Paper Blister or ecoCombo® packaging?

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