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Scent Beauty Partners with Sparti Scents to Target Gen Z

Aims to expand Sparti Scents, a unique, proprietary fragrance innovation that offers a concentrated fragrance in a twist-up, glide-on form.

Sparti Scents and Scent Beauty Inc. have entered a partnership and licensing deal to expand Sparti Scents—a unique, proprietary fragrance innovation that offers a concentrated fragrance in a twist-up, glide-on form that is portable, clean, alcohol-free, skin-safe, bio-degradable and accessibly priced.

Together, Sparti Scents and Scent Beauty Inc. are targeting the next generation of fragrance consumers looking for addictive, fun scents that reflect the cultural values of the TikTok generation. Sparti Scents will launch a collection of glide-on fragrances with digital extensions such as gifs, themed Spotify playlists, and unique Gen-Z content to create an engaged community of fragrance advocates.

“We are excited to partner with Scent Beauty Inc. to create and launch this breakthrough technology for new generations to experience fragrance,” said Abby Wallach, and Caroline Fabrigas, co-founders of Sparti Scents.

“We recognize the power of Sparti Scents to grow the penetration of fragrances all over the world with this incredible, portable technology that Gen Z loves,” commented Scent Beauty CEO Steve Mormoris.

Scent Beauty Inc. is gearing up for a global launch in 2023 with a line of Sparti Scents to mass retailers, as well as on both Amazon and Scent Beauty’s website.

“We are supporting Sparti Scents with significant digital media, PR, and community activation to drive consumers directly to retail,” added Mormoris. “Retailers have taken notice that we are filling a huge white space in the fragrance market.”

“Since Sparti burst on the scene in early 2022, with ecstatic reactions from millions of TikTok fans, we know Gen Z loves this brand,” said Wallach and Fabrigas. “We are thrilled to have created this breakthrough technology and house it in a brand that will be the emblem of a generation.”

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