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The 12 Best Designer Crossbody Bags With Great Cost-Per-Wear Value

Designer Crossbody Bags With Great Cost-Per-Wear Value

versatile designer bag is an investment piece that makes every outfit feel more special. Crossbody bags are one of the most practical options for most activities, from daily errands to work, travel, and more. For those of us who want to use our favorite items rather than keep them stored on a shelf, crossbody bags offer a stylish option that provides the most value in the handbag category in terms of practicality and wearability. With many options and considerations, we spoke to Charles Gorra for more insight and what to keep in mind when shopping for your own designer crossbody bag.

“The main benefit of a crossbody bag is that its strap allows the wearer to have their hands free to dance, hold their phones, or even carry their kids,” says Gorra. “Depending on the style of the bag, they can be used for everyday bags, evening bags, and everything in between.”

Byrdie Researched & Approved

The quality and stylishness of Loewe’s Mini Flamenco Clutch are so unique and transformative, making it a natural top choice. (For one, the removable strap transforms this crossbody bag into a chic clutch for great versatility.) A bag with a similar sensibility is Stella McCartney’s Falabella style, which is made with faux leather and features a silver chain border for added edginess.

When searching for the best designer crossbody bag option for you, consider factors like the bag material, shape, strap length, versatility (including cost-per-wear), and long-term value—whether you’re shopping for a travel-ready, evening, work-appropriate, or wear-everywhere style.

Ahead—the best designer crossbody bags worth the investment.


Loewe Mini Flamenco Knot Leather Clutch


With a removable strap, this crossbody style has the option to be worn hands-free or as a clutch. The minimalist design makes it a timeless staple that goes with any outfit for day to night use. It is constructed in Spain and made from buttery soft leather. The understated bag features one interior pocket with a drawstring and magnetic closure to organize and secure your belongings. It comes in several colorways, from classic black, white and tan to various red, green, and mustard yellow shades.

The quality is second to none, especially given the price point in the luxury handbag category and an investment piece that will last for years to come. It is available in a smaller and larger size, best suited for those who need more room to carry their everyday essentials. Along with the brand’s popular Puzzle and Gate styles, the Mini Flamenco clutch offers a more pared-back option that is nearly immune to the trend cycle.

Price at time of publish: $1,950

Material: 100% leather | Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 3.5 inches

The downsized crescent bag offers a crossbody way to wear the celebrity-beloved Moon bag. The Staud Mini Moon bag features smooth leather construction with a zippered interior pocket to keep your keys or cards safe, a magnetic fastening at the opening, and press-stud fastening at the top of the handles with contrast white stitching, and a removable shoulder strap.

Over the past two years, the shoulder bag version became one of the most coveted “It” bags and has transformed into a contemporary classic style. The mini version offers a hands-free way to wear this style. Unlike the original design, the Mini Moon bag is a great option for day-to-night and offers enough room to fit all of your essentials without feeling bulky for evening occasions.

Price at time of publish: $250

Material: Leather with suede lining | Dimensions: 9 x 9.5 x 3.25 inches

Saint Laurent Medium Sunset Bag


Look no further for a sleek, structured, and timeless bag to store all your everyday essentials. This classic Saint Laurent style is made in Italy and features a magnetic snap closure with a  chain strap—that can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag—in gold hardware to match the front monogram. It offers plenty of storage space with two interior pockets and exterior pockets on the back and under the flap. The iconic bag is a highly practical and polished option that leaves room to organize your phone, wallet, keys, makeup, hand sanitizer, mask, and other small items you need.

Price at time of publish: $2,550

Material: Leather with suede lining | Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches

Coach Tabby 26 Leather Crossbody Bag


This polished leather bag is a classic in the making. It features a pebble leather construction, gold hardware detail, and snap closure at the flap with removable crossbody and shoulder straps. While compact, the bag has an exterior pocket at the flap with four pockets inside: two open interior pockets with a zippered compartment in the middle and a wall pocket.

There are many ways to wear and organize your essentials in this crossbody style. It is available in black and white leather colorways, which both complement any outfit and further confirms the versatility of this refined and timeless design. This bag offers a similar look to its luxury brand counterparts and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable alternative to their favorite high-end designer bag of the moment.

Price at time of publish: $450

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 10 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches

Mulberry Antony Leather Crossbody Bag


This designer crossbody is perfect for shoppers seeking a no-frills, functional, and high-quality bag. Made in Turkey, this piece includes a rich grain leather construction for a traditional luxury feel and Mulberry’s signature turn-lock closure in gold hardware with an exterior slip pocket under the flap. This updated version of the bag features a slightly larger base for more storage space. There is also an adjustable crossbody strap for comfortable wear. It is great for all ages and individuals who prefer to invest in classic pieces that don’t necessarily align with the trend cycle.

Price at time of publish: $870

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 8.75 x 9.25 x 2.75 inches

Stella McCartney Falabella Crossbody Bag


Stella McCartney set the standard for designer vegan leather handbags before it was cool. As the trend takes off, the brand’s classic and elevated designs remain at the top tier of the ever-growing selection available. The sleek design offers a high-quality faux leather that looks and feels just like its animal leather counterpart. It features a silver chain border, which gives the bag some needed weight, and a matching chain strap that can be worn crossbody, on your shoulder, or tucked in to make a clutch for a night out.

As someone who tried to buy as many vegan leather goods as possible over the past few years, I’ve bought many Stella McCartney bags and cannot get enough of them. The quality, chain length, and design–including the Falabella collection—make these bags staples in my rotation. I find them to be versatile and practical for day-to-night wear, and I get many compliments on them when I wear them out.

Price at time of publish: $773

Material: Faux leather polyester with recycled nylon lining | Dimensions: 8.75 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches

Saint Laurent Toy Loulou Matelassé Leather Crossbody Bag


For a luxurious yet practical everyday bag, this Saint Laurent option features a buttery leather exterior with dual interior pockets, a zippered wall pocket, a magnetic snap closure on the flap, and an adjustable crossbody or shoulder strap. It is roomy enough to fit your daily essentials and keep items like keys or a loose lip balm safe. The adjustable strap ensures the bag sits comfortably and looks flattering as you go about your day. You can also remove the strap to wear the bag as a clutch for the perfect day-to-night accessory.

The bag comes in three versatile neutral colorways: Nero (black), Soilbrown, and Crema Soft (cream) to elevate every look.

Price at time of publish: $1,850

Materials: Leather | Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches

Chloé Small Tulip Leather Bucket Bag


We’re calling it: This bucket bag will be the next accessory to flourish on the fashion scene. It offers a twist on the traditional bucket bag with leather panels configured to look like blossoming petals around the drawstring closure and an adjustable shoulder strap. It also comes with a detachable pouch to hold keys, some cards, and makeup that is perfect for when you need to run a quick errand or pick up a delivery downstairs.

The clean shape and artful panel create a balance between a trendy yet timeless version of this style. Adding this piece to your bucket bag collection will refresh your entire look without making too much of a statement, so you don’t need to worry about getting tired of the piece after a few wears.

Price at time of publish: $1,250

Materials: Leather | Dimensions: 7.9 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches

Jil Sander Crescent Calfskin Crossbody Bag


This bag offers a simplistic and sophisticated take on the saddlebag shape. The minimalist design includes a smooth leather exterior, complete with a gold-stamped logo, a wall pocket on the interior, a slip tab front closure, and a crossbody strap. This pared-back version of the handbag style allows it to be more versatile with various outfits, day or night, and throughout seasons, making it worth the investment for years to come. It is also available in gray and white colorways.

Materials: Leather | Dimensions: 2 x 9 x 3 inches

Brandon Blackwood Jumbo Kuei Bag

Brandon Blackwood

Upgrade your work bag with a fashion-forward, functional, and cruelty-free tote bag that can fit a 13-inch laptop or a tablet. It features a croc-embossed leather exterior with an interior slip pocket, a zippered compartment, a magnetic flap closure, and a detachable strap to wear either crossbody or on the shoulder. The front zipper detail in silver hardware adds a stylish touch and can serve a practical function to help the bag momentarily expand as you’re trying to fill it up. The cult-favorite brand is Black-owned with all of its bags designed in NYC—and many styles are made with vegan leather materials.

Price at time of publish: $400

Materials: Embossed vegan leather with microfiber suede lining | Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5 inches


Neiman Marcus

This carryall crossbody offers a convertible, compact, chic way to store your belongings and is also cruelty-free. It features a 100 percent animal-free construction with a water and stain-resistant vegan leather exterior and a stain-resistant microfiber interior. The bag is spacious enough to fit an 11-inch or 13-inch laptop in the large compartment and a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop in the middle compartment. It has metal feet at the bottom to protect against dirt and potential stains–perfect for storing it during flights or sitting at a meeting or social event.

The bag features a flap closure with a stylish stud collar belt and a hidden zipper closure for extra security and can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder, or be converted into a backpack for travel. This versatile piece comes in various colorways and is great to use for work when you need to go into the office.

Price at time of publish: $995

Materials: Vegan leather | Dimensions: 16 x 10.25 x 6.75 inches

Fendi Baguette Bag


This iconic bag allows you to invest in the Fendi monogram without being too flashy. Inspired by the ‘90s “It” bag, the modern-day Fendi Baguette features luxurious leather construction with the “FF” logo motif embossed throughout and a “FF” clasp in gold hardware. The bag has an interior pocket and magnetic clasp, complete with a chain in gold hardware that can be worn crossbody, as a shoulder strap, or tucked in to wear as a clutch. This version of the Fendi Baguette comes in black and white colorways.

Price at time of publish: $2,390

Materials: Leather | Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.6 inches


Charles Gorra is the CEO of Rebag, a platform that allows you to buy, sell, and exchange designer goods.

What to Look for in a Designer Crossbody Bag


Leather crossbody bags offer the most value for your dollar in terms of long-term value, durability, and wearability over the years. “Exotic skins are the most premium materials. That’s why bags like the crocodile Birkin have higher price points. Lambskin, like in the Chanel 19, is a high-quality durable material that is worth investing in,” Gorra shared. Vegan leather options are becoming increasingly popular and, when selected carefully, can hold up very well. However, their long-term value and wear over time can considerably vary, depending on the type of faux leather used, the designer, style, and the brand’s cultural relevance at any given point in time.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Gorra explained your choices for selecting a designer bag in alternative materials. “Jersey, canvas, or cotton have lower price points than leather, like in this jersey Chanel Chic with Me flap bag, canvas Louis Vuitton Speedy or canvas Louis Vuitton Speedy.”


This criterion is highly subjective and depends on your personal needs, style preferences, and lifestyle. Make sure to select a shape and size that fits all your essentials. For some individuals, this guideline could mean your keys, cards, ID, and lipstick, while for others, you might also want to carry around sunglasses, snacks, a tablet, and more. If you often find yourself going straight from work to an evening activity, consider a crossbody bag that seamlessly transitions from day to night. Selections with a sleek design and a removable or easy-to-tuck-in strap would be ideal for all-day wear. If you’re constantly on the move or like to go out, consider an option with a zippered compartment or a magnetic closure to ensure all your items stay securely in your bag.

Long-Term Value

The value of a designer is both deeply personal and dictated by market or cultural demand. Most importantly, you should love the bag you choose to invest in, no matter what the trend cycle or others tell you. Select a bag that speaks to you and fits well into your style and lifestyle needs. Often, though, the more simplistic the style, the less likely you are to outgrow your love for a particular design. If you’re thinking about investing in a trendy bag, make sure you love the piece itself over its cultural relevance.

The one exception to this criteria is if you’re looking to sell off your piece at some point in the relatively near future. In these cases, stay informed on the resale value of different brands and their crossbody styles. The pieces with the greatest return on investment or potential long-term value include timeless and on-trend items. “The most popular crossbody bag brands at Rebag at the moment are Chloé, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, and Bottega Veneta, in particular Chloé’s Drew and Marcie crossbody options, the Saint Laurent Sunset and Kate bags, the Stella McCartney Falabella, and the Bottega Veneta Cassette,” Gorra disclosed.

  • Where should a crossbody bag sit?

    The best fit is the one that’s most comfortable for you. Experts agree that there’s no “correct” way to wear a crossbody bag, even if designers are following a similar trend when it comes to strap length. “It’s really up to the individual and their preferences. Some people like to wear them longer, while others prefer shorter straps. In the last few years, designers gravitated towards shorter crossbody straps. Check out strap measurements and use a measuring tape to estimate where the bag would sit,” Gorra said.

    Fortunately, many brands offer styles with adjustable straps if you find that the fit of most bags with chain straps doesn’t sit right with you.

  • What are the benefits of carrying a crossbody bag?

    Practicality, wearability, and versatility are the main benefits of a crossbody bag. They allow you to carry around all of your items hands-free, making them perfect for carrying groceries, running errands, running around with your family, or dancing on a night out. Most styles can be worn in at least two different ways, so you can adjust the bag to suit a particular activity, comfort, or style preference. They also come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the amount of space you need for your essentials and pair well with your favorite wardrobe essentials.

  • Are designer bags worth the money?

    The short answer is that it depends. Most importantly, your personal preferences and desire for a designer bag ultimately determine whether a designer bag is worth the money for you. When considering investing in a designer bag, consider the following: “There is such a wide range of crossbody bags that the buyer should first ask themselves questions like: What am I using the bag for? What brand(s) do I like? What materials do I like? What size do I need? How much am I willing to spend? Once those questions are answered, shoppers can hone in on their ideal bag,“ Gorra explained.

    The resale market also dictates how much a particular designer bag is worth. “When looking specifically at crossbody bags, our proprietary data shows that three crossbody bags that have a particularly high retention value at resale are Burberry’s Peyton crossbody bag, which has value retention of 118 percent, the Dior Saddle crossbody, which holds 98 percent of its retail value, and Gucci’s Soho chain crossbody bag, which maintains 92 percent of its retail price,“ Gorra shared.

  • How do you take care of designer bags?

    Proper cleaning practices and storage are essential to keep your designer bags in top condition. “The main things to remember are to use a suede brush or microfiber cloth and lint brush when cleaning out the interior and to use a leather cleaner to clean the exterior once a week. Once a bag is cleaned, it should be stuffed to keep its shape and stored in a dust bag to protect it,“ Gorra says. “It’s also important that the bag is kept away from light and in a climate-controlled environment.”

How We Researched

To compile this list, our team of editors and contributors spent hours researching the best products on the market in this category, evaluating their key features—like sustainability, versatility, or design—in addition to reviews from customers and other trusted sources. We then used this research to assign a star rating from one to five (five being the best; one being the worst) to certain products on the list.

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Elisa Lewittes is a fashion commerce contributor for Byrdie, and she has been published in Forbes, Fashionista, Footwear News, and tmrw, among others. Her search for this piece on designer crossbody bags covered all styles, shapes, sizes, fabrics, and price points. For criteria, she evaluated the products’ versatility, wearability, practicality, quality, adjustability, and long-term value.

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