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The 31 Best Swimsuit Brands for Every Body Type

Best Swimsuit Brands

Let’s face it, buying a swimsuit can be challenging, especially when doing so online. At the same time, there are seemingly endless options such as a bikini, standard one-piece, the ever-so sexy monokini, and the tankini.

“From a practical point of view, tankinis are great for long days at the beach or pool where you know you’ll need to use the restroom a few times,” says fashion expert Maggie Gillette. “They bridge the gap between a one-piece and a traditional bikini, allowing those who are shy about showing their midsection a little [modesty].” Comparatively, a monokini was once a topless swimsuit with a high-waisted bottom with two thin straps. However, it has evolved into a one-piece bathing suit with large cutouts on the side.

Furthermore, you may want to consider cost, material, and fit. “Measure as you would for your bra size and panties,” says Andréa Bernholtz, founder of SWIMINISTA. “It’s important to hit all the goal marks in swimwear—is it supportive and adjustable?” she explains. And then, of course, you may want a brand that is considerate of the environment and/or size-inclusive. “We’re seeing a lot of brands focusing on sustainability in swimwear. This often looks like using recycled materials in production since most swimsuits are made from synthetic materials,” she says.

Ahead, the best swimsuit brands to consider this season.



Summersalt The Perfect Wrap One-Piece


Fashion and function are what Summersalt promises its customers. The brand has a fit chart using 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to inform the sizes. The brand also uses recycled materials to create fabrics and product packaging. The sidestroke, one of their best-selling swimsuits, offers compression.

Girlfriend Collective was built on transparency. Careful of the processes, including the raw materials facilities with which the brand is partnered. Sustainability is prioritized as the brand’s packaging is 100 percent recycled and recyclable, with swimsuits made from recycled fishnets. The brand says that its textiles have been produced using recycled materials in their facility in Taiwan, specializing in eco-friendly and high-quality materials. The factory is SA8000-certified, which should guarantee fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and no forced or child labor.

Christian Lacroix For Swiminista: Spirited Onepiece In Pietra Dura Print


Former president and co-founder of the much-loved brand Rock & Republic Andréa Bernholtz has moved on from the world of denim and decided to launch the ultra-comfortable swimwear company SWIMINISTA. The pieces are created using nylon that has been made with post-consumer plastics. They are available in tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched, one-piece in black metallics and prints. “We have a new swim and resort wear collection, in collaborative partnership with the House of Christian Lacroix,” says Bernholtz. “Featuring thirteen new pieces with a fresh infusion of colors and iconic prints with the same fully adjustable, personalized fits in sizes A-DD that offer ultra-flattering support for every unique silhouette [as the rest of brand offerings],” she says.

Johanna Ortiz Morning Glory One-Piece

Johanna Ortiz

Classic high-waist bikini bottoms, reversible fabrics, prints that look like art, and uniquely structured pieces that evoke femininity can be found in the swimsuit from Johanna Ortiz. The brand which bears her name is steeped in the heritage of her Colombian hometown and crafted in California.

Andie Swim The Tulum

Andie Swim

In some instances, clothing that you purchase has been made using a standard size model, but in the case of Andie, over 300,000 women have helped in the line’s design. The brand offers one and two pieces, and hard-to-find versions for long torsos.



This Brazilian brand screams South American vacation. Its founder Patricia Bonaldi launched the brand after opening a store that featured multiple brands and getting requests to create a collection. Her apparel features bold prints detailed embroidery. Plus, the school that Bonaldi established has taught over 200 local people technical skills, saving the company from having to outsource the designs of PatBO.

Pink Salt Toni Flower Press One Piece

Pink Salt

Founded by Belinda Lee and Ng Su May, Pink Salt would be best described as a classically designed trending swimwear label. In contrast, that may seem like a difficult feat; the brand thrives on the twosome’s strengths. Lee is trained in graphic design, which can be seen in the silhouettes and prints, while Su May focuses on the technical aspects of the label. The depth and richness of the colors and prints make the items irresistible.

Infamous Sadie Bottoms


As a mom, Gemma Crowe understands the importance of having swimwear for you pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and then postpartum. She created Infamous Swim, a line that speaks to that journey. The pieces are designed for you to love your figure and feel comfortable. In some cases, you can pick your size if you have a longer torso and size down if you have a shorter torso. Also, there are mini versions available in certain iterations if you feel like matching up with your kid.

Mango Scalloped bikini bottom


Sometimes wanting affordable swimwear can come at a cost to style, but Mango gives you both. The pieces are sleek and great for creating memories with college friends or reliving them as you watch your kids play in the sand.

Oceanus Swimwear Lara Bikini Pink

Oceanus Swimwear

Oceanus Swimwear is a good option if you love glitter and sophistication. Each piece is made with Swarovski crystals and recycled materials. Designer Hannah Attalah found the perfect blend of glam and swimwear using fabrics that minimize waste (the Lycra used is made from recycled fishing nets). The embroidery beading is decomposable, and none of the materials used are derived from any animals.

Lululemon Waterside Swim Top A/B Cup


Lululemon is well known and loved for its versatile and super soft workout gear, and the swimsuits encompass much of that. The pieces are sleek, with minimal design and classic shapes.

Everlane The String Bikini Top


At the forefront of Everlane’s foundation is an ethical approach to finding factories and developing relationships with the owners. The brand’s site states that each factory is given a compliance audit to check things like fair wages, reasonable hours, and the environmental impact. Additionally, each piece is made from Econyl fabric (which is meant to last), and each item is tested on 112 women to ensure fit.

Sustainability can take many forms, and in the case of Wolven, it means creating multifunctional and sustainable items. So flip inside out when you want a new look, wash them less because they are made with antimicrobial materials increasing the clothing lifecycle reducing water use, waste, and pollution. Plus, it is an excellent way to keep a couple of extra bucks in your pocket as you may buy less clothing.

UBU was founded on the principle that we all should be comfortable with who we are. The bathing suits are made to be comfortable and flattering, featuring styles that can minimize, highlight and emphasize where you feel best. The brand’s swimwear is versatile and can be paired with jeans, maxi skirts, or even under a cardigan or blazer.

Andrea Iyamah was launched in 2011 by Nigerian fashion designer Andrea Dumebi Iyamah. Travel and elements of nature inspire the fashion line. The swimsuits are feminine with classic cuts with enough edge that the wearer can embrace their uniqueness.

Sommer Swim

Sommer Swim

We are not going to lie; this brand is all about the teeny weeny string bikini. However, Sommer Swim’s website states that they also foster relationships with the artisans who make their apparel, pay the employees above minimum wage and other benefits and follow the internationally recognized standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative. The swimwear is made in Bali, Indonesia, at a family-owned and operated factory exclusive to the brand.

MBM Swim Serenity - White

MBM Swim

MBM Swim was founded by self-taught designer Marcia Maxwell in 2017 and built on her love of clean lines and swimwear. The pieces are old Hollywood glam with a mix of elegant and sexy. They can be worn to the beach alone, as a bodysuit with jeans or a maxi skirt, or underneath a blazer.

Coolibar Women's Kawela Swim Top UPF 50+


At this point, most have heard that using sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to reduce the chances of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. And luckily, there are brands like Coolibar that also add sun protection to their swimwear and other products in the brand’s line. So while you may have to reapply sunscreen to exposed areas throughout the day, at least you have UPF 50+ protection on the part covered by Coolibar’s rash tops, swim shorts, swim capris, tights, and skorts.

Swimzip Women's Long Sleeve Rash Guard with Pockets UPF 50 +


Betsy Johnson, the founder of Swimzip, was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 propelling her to switch from a corporate career to something that better resonated with her. And thus, Swimzip UPF 50 clothing was formed. The brand boasts that the products are sun-safe, stylish, functional, and affordable.


Instagram @molocoswim

Former fashion industry insider Mika Oakes started MOLOCO after having a hard time finding chic and functional swimsuits during her first pregnancy and postpartum journey. She created the line with a desire to make people feel beautiful and supported as they take care of kids and themselves. The suits are versatile and adapt to the changes in your body.



UV Skinz founder Rhonda R. Sparks’ 32-year-old husband, Darren, lost his battle with skin cancer, leaving her with their three boys. That made her want to help educate families on living sun-safe lives. She launched the brand with UPF 50+ sun-protective apparel.

MIGA Swimwear

MIGA Swimwear

Based on the personal desire of María Luisa Mendiolas to find a sense of belonging after being self-conscious about the disfigurement of her feet, the CEO and founder launched MIGA Swimwear. Made with its mission in mind to help every person feel confident, the swim outfits are created with sun protection and designed with bright colors and cut-outs.

Adaptations By Adrian Bathing Suits

Adaptations By Adrian

Formerly known as Adrian’s Closet, Adaptations By Adrian customizes adaptive clothing and swimsuits for people with special needs. The designs consider circulation issues, individuals who are always seated and how that can create pressure problems, and someone’s sensitivity to seams.



RIMMBA is a sustainable clothing line founded by Karunia Fischer, who was born, raised, and educated in Bali and started designing her clothes while in middle school. However, she moved her studies to Rhode Island School of Design, then Europe, where she worked with a company to launch a swimwear line, eventually leaving to create this brand of sustainable clothing, which includes swimwear.

Trans Missie Swimsinglet advanced

Trans Missie

As a result of her brother’s transition, Danaë Kurver launched Trans-Missie. The brand creates shapewear, underwear, and swimwear for people who may or may not want to transition. The collection is for transgender people and men with gynecomastia.

Miraclesuit Women's Plus Solid Oceanus


Miraclesuit promises to deliver three times the control of ordinary swimwear fabrics. There are no inner linings or tightening control panels to create a form-fitting finish. The brand also uses shirring, graphic designs, and draping to accentuate your curves and pull attention from areas you would like to de-emphasize (if you’re looking for that).


Akoia Swim

Akoia crochet suits offer a twist on the typical swimsuits. The fabric features stretch for comfort while the designs lean into a Brazilian cut for a sultry look. The pieces are handmade by artisan women in Bali.

Abercrombie & Fitch Curve Love Wide Strap Underwire Bikini Top

Abercrombie & Fitch

The looks from Abercrombie & Fitch swimsuit collection are all about typical all-American fashion. The designs are classics that won’t go out of style and complement different body types, with tall and curve options available.

Adore Me

Adore Me

Adore Me checks a lot of boxes. The brand claims it audits its factories, offers eco-friendly packaging, and provides low-carbon transport. Plus, the swimsuits are pretty darn cute as well.

Verdelimon two-piece

Instagram @Verdelimonswim

Verdelimon is produced in southern Colombia by local artisans and craftspeople giving back to the local community. Not only are they made with responsibly sourced fabrics, but the patterns also feature the beach, forest, and fauna that are indigenous to that area.

J. Crew Plunge one-piece in Liberty® Meadow Song floral

J. Crew

In addition to typical bathing suits, J.Crew also offers the hard-to-find long torso style. The brand has also introduced its first 100 percent sustainable swim collection made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, yarns, and fabric scraps.

What to Look for When Buying Swimsuits


Swimwear is often made of a mix of nylon and lycra or elastane. It needs to have enough stretch and also be able to bounce back. Look for high-quality fabric made from post-consumer plastics to create supportive pieces made for movement. You should also make sure that the swimsuit is lined to ensure that it doesn’t reveal more than you want, especially when it gets wet. When you try on a swimsuit, don’t just consider how it looks-think about how it feels. Move around, and make sure nothing is itchy, rubbing, or digging into your skin.


To ensure optimal fit, look for suits that come in bra sizing and sturdy tops with adjustable straps for extra lift. Be sure to check the fit guidelines for the company you’re buying from, as some companies’ sizing may vary, and they can provide more specific guidance for their brand.

  • How do you know what size swimsuit to buy?

    Keep in mind swimsuits usually use three measurements: bust, waist, and hips. Generally, you measure at the fullest part for the bust and hips, while the waist measurement is at the smallest part of your torso. Sometimes, you may need a different size on the bottom than on the top. Some two-piece suits will allow you to mix and match sizes which is a great solution. If you can’t do that, or if you’re looking for a one-piece, it’s usually best to wear the size of the larger measurement.

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