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The 7 Best Sex Swings in Every Category and Budget, According to Experts

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SEX SWINGS often get the reputation of the all-or-nothing, Fifty Shades of Grey-style sex chamber. But newsflash: they are not just for kinky couples. And they don’t all require you to drill holes in the ceiling with a potentially intimidating setup. They are literally for anyone who wants to have better sex.

You see, with sex swings, you can try out new sex positions and hit new angles you simply can’t when having sex on a bed. Not to mention, it’s just hot seeing your partner naked, levitating in the air before you. While they aren’t overly complicated, we admit, sex swings can be pretty tricky to purchase, especially for first-time buyers.

For one, there are so many types of sex swings—some much better than others and some much more intricate and intense than others. Then you have to decide how much you’re willing to spend, which material you think will feel best on your skin, and how much space in your apartment you can allot towards a swing. That’s why we reached out for four different experts to get their recommendations on their favorite sex swings and why.


Ahead are seven expert-approved sex swings for every budget. Whether you’re been wanting to invest in one, or you’re looking for something to spice up your sex life, or you just happen to stumble across this article—why not read ahead to learn about the exciting new possibilities of your sex life, and how easy they are to bring into the bedroom.

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Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Allergens Latex-Free
Blob Over-the-door sex swing to help you achieve standing-up sex with ease; Sturdy acrylic barbells offer reliable support over any closed household door; Strong Nylon and cushioned fabric offer durability and comfort; Straps adjust between 41 and 73 inches in length for the perfect height; Thigh supports measure 31 inches in circumference and handles ensure safety and balance during use
Essential Info Fastening Straps
How It Feels Material Polychloroprene
How It Measures Up Length 73 inches

Sex Sling

How It Feels Fabric Nylon
Allergens Latex-Free
Blob Super-comfy sex sling to support ‘swinger’ in a reclined position for elevated pleasure; Best suited to homes with high ceilings and strong rafters; Industrial-strength C-shape support frame is perfect for adding extra restraints to; Fully adjustable for the perfect height and angle; Safely holds up to 140kg/22 stone of weight
Essential Info Fastening Clip

Aerial Yoga Swing

Materials Foam handles, sturdy nylon
Weight Limit 400 lbs.
Adjustable By changing the chains

White Leather Sex Sling Swing

Material Heavy duty stitched leather
Setup Mount from ceiling or frame
Features Comes with stirrups and steel D-rings
Size About 37″ long and 22.5″ wide

Sex Swing Leather

Material Leather and metal, handmade
Features Removable leg and arm loops, 6 carabiners and a storage bag
Weight Limt About 220 lbs.
Size Length approx 100 cm, width approx 50 cm (weight approx. 3 kg)

Sex Sling

Material Leather
Measurements 37.5 inches in length. 23 inches wide at the top and slims down to 15 inches wide at the bottom.
Features Chains, clips, and stand sold separately.

Luxury Sex Swing

Additional Accessories Spread bar
Length 100cm
Material Wood, faux leather
Width 60cm

Types of Sex Swings

There are three main types of sex swings: door swingssex slings, and sex swings.

Door swings mount over a door, ideal for travelers or apartment dwellers, say Scott and Angela Alexander, co-founders of “They’re lower-priced, most commonly bought by a younger crowd, and are quick to install,” Alexander says. The downside: They can be awkward and uncomfortable.

Sex slings are more like a hammock. They typically require four mounting points. “They are the most supportive of the sex swings, but they are somewhat limiting in the number of positions you can explore,” Alexander says. “They are the most comfortable and often the most expensive because they are typically made from leather. These are very popular in the gay community, the BDSM community, and those with disabilities.”

Sex swings are the most popular, according to Alexander. They usually consist of two straps to support your body and two stirrups. Optional add-ons include handles and headrests. “Sex swings give up just a little comfort compared to a sling, but they gain a lot in the number of positions that you can use them for,” Alexander says.

What to Look for in Sex Swings
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As for what you should look for, “Comfort is 100% the most important thing with swings,” Alexander says. Then there’s the matter of space, explains Daniel Saynt, founder of The New Society for Wellness (NSFW), a sex-positive members-only club that hosts sexual education workshops with a focus in BDSM. “If you have limited room, you may want to consider an over the door swing,” says Saynt. “If you have a little more room, consider a standing sex swing, which has a base and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. These can be broken down after use for storage.”

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