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The Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes to Step Up Your Accessory Game

Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes of 2022

When it comes to fashion, accessorizing is an art. The right accessories can take a little black dress or classic denim getup from basic staple outfit to a show-stopping statement. But finding the right jewelry and accessories can be overwhelming, expensive, and inevitably end with a tangled stockpile of necklaces, bracelets, and single earrings that would make Marie Kondo shudder.

That’s where the genius of jewelry subscription services come in, helping to deliver fashionable accessories to your doorstep that you can wear, trade in, or purchase without the pricey investments, exhausting search process, and jewelry box clutter. We rounded up the services that deliver the best value, so you can feel stylish without breaking the bank. Here’s our lineup of the best jewelry subscription boxes to try.

Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes of 2022


Why We Chose It: We selected Rocksbox for its versatility appealing to those who want to rent and regularly experiment with new jewelry, and those looking to cut through the accessories clutter and discover trend-worthy pieces at their doorstep.

What We Like

  • Flexibility of unlimited shipments per month
  • Eye-catching designer catalog including Kendra Scott and Kate Spade
  • Option to buy with discounted member pricing on all purchases

What We Don’t Like

  • Must swap an entire set of accessories at once
  • Monthly credit doesn’t rollover

Rocksbox is the jewelry rental service that speaks to anyone who wants to enjoy an ever-rotating lineup of trending new jewelry. It also speaks to the person who wants to stock their personal selection with statement pieces they get to try before they buy.

For $21/month, members have access to browse thousands of trending styles from an impressive lineup of popular designer brands including Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, and Gorjana, in order to create a personal Wish List of favorite pieces they’d like to try. Every month, a personal stylist handpicks three pieces off your Wish List (which you can approve or swap via email before confirming), which then arrive at your door for you to wear and enjoy as long as you’d like.

When you’re ready for some new jewelry, return the set using the reusable envelope and prepaid return label, and get ready for another set of Wish List favorites to arrive. You can only hold one set of them at a time, however, there is no limit to the number of shipments you can receive in a month, so you can swap out a set whenever the feeling strikes.

If you find a new favorite piece that you want to add to your personal collection, you can apply your $21 membership credit toward the purchase and enjoy exclusive membership pricing. While the $21 credit expires at the end of each month, it’s a small price to pay for the endless designer pieces you get to regularly enjoy.

Glamour Box

Why We Chose It: Glamour Box stands out in our lineup for its value. Members receive two trending jewelry pieces every month to build up an impressive collection of everyday favorites to enjoy forever.

What We Like

  • Keep everything in your delivery
  • Dainty, everyday jewelry staples
  • High-quality jewelry pieces with more than a $70 value

What We Don’t Like

  • Less customized than other boxes
  • Doesn’t include rings
  • Only two items in each shipment

Glamour box is the brainchild of a sister team, whose mission is to revamp the jewelry shopping process to be both affordable and convenient. And with trending jewelry pieces arriving at your doorstep each month for roughly $34 month, that’s precisely what they achieved.

Glamour Box focuses on dainty, versatile styles that help you build up a gorgeous, everyday jewelry collection minus the expensive price tags. You are given the option to choose your metal tone preference: silver only, gold/rose gold only, or a mix of the two. Then, every month you’ll receive two new pieces of jewelry, including a rotation of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, which are valued at more than $70.

While it’s less customizable than other jewelry subscription boxes in this lineup, its reliable collection of classic, elegant jewelry pieces pretty much guarantees you’ll fall in love with the items in each shipment and add them to your rotation. Their jewelry ships out within two days, so you’re always guaranteed a welcome surprise to kick off each month in style.


Why We Chose It: Switch made our list for making luxury designer accessories more accessible and providing built-in incentives that inspire us to treat ourselves to the occasional favorites.

What We Like

  • Selection of luxury designer brands
  • Unlimited exchange terms
  • Opportunity to purchase favorite pieces

What We Don’t Like

  • Higher monthly membership cost
  • Less personalized experience

If brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès top your fashion accessories wish list, Switch’s luxury designer jewelry subscription box will speak to you and put those splurge-worthy pieces within reach. Everything about the experience feels special, from browsing the impressive inventory of high-end designers like David Yurman, Chan Luu, and Oscar de la Renta, to diving into the ultra-chic little black box that arrives at your doorstep.

Subscriptions are available starting at $45 per month for one Core piece at a time (Core Membership), $95 per month for three Core pieces at a time (Core 3 Membership), $195 per month for one Select piece (Select 1 Membership), or $275 per month for one Select and three Core pieces (Select+ Membership). No matter your membership level, you can borrow and exchange pieces as frequently, or infrequently, as you want.

Every month, members earn purchase credits (roughly $5, $10, $15, or $20 per month respectively based on your membership level), which you can save up and use towards the purchase of the pieces you fall in love with. And better yet? Shipping is free for arriving and returning shipments.


Why We Chose It: Layerist made our list for its extensive range of accessories including jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, scarves, and storage items, and it’s an exceptionally-tailored customer experience.

What We Like

  • Highly-personalized experience to match your style
  • Includes additional categories like handbags, scarves, and hair and storage accessories
  • Only pay for what you keep

What We Don’t Like

  • Few, if any, brand names
  • Overwhelming options

Layerist is like having a personal shopper to help you seriously up the ante on your accessory game. It’s a completely customizable service, which combines the convenience of online shopping with the confidence of “try before you buy.”

The service allows members to dictate all the terms including their budget (starting from roughly $25 to more than $125), frequency of shipments, the types of items they want to receive, and which ones they want to keep. Its product selection spans well beyond the jewelry category to include fashionable handbags, hair accessories, scarves, and storage accessories. The personalized boxes are specific to each customer and include a selection of four to five pieces of jewelry and accessories handpicked by professional stylists to match your individual style.

The experience starts with a reimagined style quiz, which feels more like browsing a digital catalog than a laundry list of survey questions. Once items arrive, you have up to a week to explore the pieces and decide which ones you want to keep. The rest is shipped back using a pre-paid return label. Unlike other subscription-based services, Layerist only charges you for the items that you keep—and since you set the budget for the pieces included, any piece you fall in love with fits the bill.

This brand is rooted in exceptional customer service, so it’s not uncommon to fall in love with multiple items in each shipment, and if you choose to buy four or more, you’ll score a 15% discount on your purchase.

Jewelry subscription boxes come in all different forms. Some are geared toward the accessory renter who wants to eliminate jewelry box clutter and enjoy a regular stream of trending newness, no strings or expensive price tags attached. That’s where Rocksbox and Switch deliver on an impressive variety of trendy new styles, which members can conveniently swap in and out for constant newness.

Other subscription boxes play to the busy fashionista in need of a personal shopper. Services like Layerist deliver on that try-before-you-buy home shopping experience, bringing fashionable statement pieces to your door to browse and shop at home. Other jewelry subscription boxes like Glamour Box deliver a surprise and delight experience month after month, with gorgeous, high-quality daily accessories to add to your jewelry box.

No matter your style, there’s a standout option to match your needs and help you make this your most fashionable, perfectly accessorized year to date.

What Are Jewelry Subscription Boxes?

Jewelry subscription boxes are an affordable and convenient way for people to experiment and discover new jewelry and accessories.

How Much Do Jewelry Subscription Boxes Cost?

Jewelry subscription boxes vary in price, ranging from about $20 per month to custom set budgets up to more than roughly $125. Some boxes like Rocksbox allow you to apply your monthly subscription fee towards a purchase, while others offer exclusive member discounts like Switch and Layerist.

What Should I Look for in a Jewelry Subscription Box?

If you want to discover new pieces, look for jewelry subscription boxes like Glamour Box which lets you keep the items every month, or boxes that offer the option to purchase your favorite pieces. However, if you’re interested in a rotating catalog of regular new accessories, rental-based subscription boxes like Rocksbox and Switch allow you to swap in and out new accessories whenever the feeling strikes.


We gathered a working list of top jewelry subscription boxes that the internet was buzzing about, taking a close look at user reviews and social media to see what real customers were loving (like Rocksbox). Then we dug a little deeper, researching and discovering lesser-known boxes which delivered on unique style and personalized accessorizing experiences.

Next, we created a shortlist of 12 favorites and dove into the customer experience firsthand, filling in style quizzes that resonated (like Layerist) and Wish List favorites that had us shopping like celebrities (like Switch) to get a real understanding of how each service worked and just how seamless the customer journey was. As the boxes arrived, we took note of the overall unboxing experience, quality of the jewelry pieces included (like those in Glamour Box), and the various “X” factors that made these services stand out from the pack.

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