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The Skincare Trends Set To Explode In 2022, According To The Experts

As health and wellness became the new luxury, in our post-pandemic world, 2021 saw a rise in the skinification of beauty. It was no longer enough to rely on primers and highlighters for a healthy glow; we wanted hardworking actives and hero ingredients to rejuvenate our skin at a more meaningful level. Retinolhyaluronic acidniacinamidevitamin Cceramides, peptides, BHAs and AHAs; cult creams and serums were replaced by cult ingredients as people sought to broaden their skincare knowledge. But what does next year have in store for us?

We asked the experts to make their skincare trend predictions for 2022.

Barbara Sturm

Anti-inflammatory skincare

“I think more and more people understand the anti-inflammatory aspect of life and that inflammation triggers problems with our overall health and causes skin dysfunctions. This indicates that we’re moving away from certain trends like Retin-A or acid peels, in order to strengthen the skin as an organ, strengthen skin barrier function and our microbiome and instead, we’re transitioning to an anti-inflammatory skincare routine and lifestyle that’s better for our health and kinder to our skin.”

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Dr Anna Puri, Skinora UK


“I expect that 2022 will see more people opting for simpler skincare routines and a minimalistic approach. After a few trials and errors, many of our clients are starting to realise that less is more when it comes to skincare and that using too many products doesn’t guarantee effective results; it can sometimes even do the opposite. Simply keeping your skin hydrated and protected can make a big difference.”

At-home treatments

“At-home treatments are set to continue rising in popularity. We are seeing a rise in requests for face masks, overnight rejuvenating treatments, hydrating and chemical-peel-like masks. Some people aren’t satisfied with the mild results achieved with many over-the-counter products and they want something that will make a greater difference to their skin.”


Sunscreen will remain in demand throughout 2022 as its vital use is now recognised, widely recommended and emphasised by doctors, aestheticians and beauticians as being one of the most important skin care requirements.”

“LED light masks are another trending treatment that will follow us into the new year; many clients are opting for serums, creams and treatments at home that would be on par with the treatments we offer at our clinic. These work best when applied before an LED light mask.”

Jasmina Vico

‘Inside outside’ approach

“I forecast for 2022 that there will be extra emphasis on the health of your skin with more people embracing the ‘inside outside’ approach to skincare. More education is needed for people to understand their own skin. People often buy the latest skincare products without considering their skin type or concerns, and what their skin actually needs. I live by the mantra less is more, and hope that people will start to strip back their routines to just the essentials; I’m also seeing more bespoke treatment plans to target individual needs.”

Japanese indigo

“An ingredient on my radar currently is Japanese indigo which has healing and anti-inflammatory properties and is especially good for skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. I believe we will start to see this pop up more and more in skincare products.”

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