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TikTok’s “Shower Makeup” Trend Is Surprisingly Sexy

Kim Kardashian Washing her face

Everyone’s a better singer in the shower (allegedly)—but TikTok users are noticing that a shower not only enhances their vocal range, but the appearance of their skin and hair, too. Trends like glass skin and crying makeup have embraced wet-looking skin lately, but the app’s viral “shower makeup” takes it even further. Ahead, everything you need to know about the technique.

What is Shower Makeup?

Like the vampire skin or crying makeup trends, shower makeup manages to look just like its name, but in the most flattering way possible. The trend makes one appear as though they’re in a shower—no, not freshly out of the shower, but in the shower. TikTokers are swapping out their fall matte complexions for a not just dewy, but glossy glow on their skin, lids, lips, and hair.

So, why the shower as opposed to “pool,” “beach,” or “stuck in a torrential downpour” makeup that can also make you look wet? Huda Beauty’s founder, Huda Kattan, created this trend, and she credits the lighting in the shower, which is typically a bright overhead bulb, effectively highlighting the higher points of the face for an angelic yet sculpted appearance. She also calls out the heat, which gives cheeks a pretty flush, and lips a bit of plump swelling.

Now, a glistening complexion isn’t new—people have been touting dewy skin for years, going so far as to rub Vaseline on their faces to achieve a reflective finish. And a quick glance at any celebrity social media page will prove that a drenched look is on the rise, with Hailey Bieber’s infamous “glazed donut” skin, and Kim Kardashian applying skin care in a shower for her SKKN campaign. Plus, a wet-hair look has been a red carpet and runway staple for years, so it really was only a matter of time before wet skin and wet hair came together for one trend.

How to Do Shower Makeup

If your ears perked up at the idea of looking like you’re in between your shampoo and conditioner routines, here’s how to get the look. Remember: makeup is only as good as the skin care it’s sitting on top of, so you’ll want to start with an ultra-dewy base—the glass-skin skin care routine is great for this.

Then, as per Kattan’s recommendation on TikTok, mix your foundation of choice with your moisturizer for something “light and airy.” After that, use a concealer in a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone—Kattan explains in her TikTok video, “I think that’s really important because you want the cheekbones to be lifted,” to replicate the shower lighting. Follow that by applying a heavier layer of concealer on the forehead and chin to enhance this look.

Then, apply a contour shade under your cheekbones and jawline with a heavier-than-usual hand for ultra-deep shadows that an overhead light can create. Kattan mentions, however, that you’ll want to use the contour on your forehead lighter than usual and says, “I’m not going to contour all the way around [because] the light always shines [from above], so I’m going to keep that a little lit.” Following contour, use a lip liner similar to your natural lip shade to lightly line the lips, and then blend the color with your finger. Finally, apply a high-shine or gloss highlighter where you would typically highlight (the tops of the cheekbones, browbone, bridge of the nose, inner corner, and cupid’s bow), as well as the inner third of the lids and crease and chest—Kattan used her Huda Beauty Empowered Face Gloss Highlighting Dew ($39).

Then, apply mascara to your lashes, making sure to clump the formula during application to mimic how water holds your lashes together in a shower. Finish your eyes with liner on the waterline and tight line, and then smoke out a barely-there wing with a grey liner or shadow stick to add depth to the eyes. Finally, add a high-shine lip gloss—Kattan used her Silk Balm ($21)— to top off the wet vibes of your makeup.

Finish off the look with wet-looking hair. Kattan reveals that the ColorWow Pop & Lock High Gloss Finish ($20) is her favorite product for making the hair appear soaked and shiny. To apply, add a few pumps to the palm of your hands and run the hair gloss through dry hair.

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