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Vacation’s Newest Sunscreen Smells, Feels, and Looks Just Like Whipped Cream

Whipped cream sunscreen

There’s something about the texture of whipped cream that’s impossible to forget. It’s light, dreamy, and perfect on top of ice cream. Plus, every time you take it out of the bottle, it makes that super satisfying “whoosh” noise, leaving a swirl of the delicious treat. Well, what if we told you that that incredibly enjoyable texture was now available for your skin?

While it may sound hard to believe, Vacation‘s newest sunscreen launch, the Classic Whip SPF 30 ($22), replicates just that. In fact, the brand went to great lengths to imitate literally everything about whipped cream, including the packaging, look, and, of course, texture in their signature sunscreen formula. Wondering if it’s too good to be true? Keep reading for all the details, including how to use it and where you can purchase it asap.

The Inspiration

Vacation aims to make sunscreen a delight, so it only makes sense that they would take things to the next level by replicating a beloved dessert. “It’s an indulgent, sensorial treat that instantly brings you back to your favorite ‘treat yourself’ moments,” says Dakota Green, Co-Founder of Vacation. While the brand had the idea for a whipped cream-inspired sunscreen before its original launch, it took years to perfect this innovative launch, so the brand held off.

“Classic Whip is the first installment of our Signature Series, a collection of sunscreen products that push the envelope and are guaranteed to spark a smile during the application,” says Green. Since SPF works best when you apply it correctly, the brand figured that making all of their launches fun—and something people would happily reach for every day—would convince everyone that suncare can be exciting.

Whipped cream sunscreen texture

The Product

Housed in a whipped cream bottle, Classic Whip imitates everything about the delicious treat, beginning with the dessert’s signature sound. Vacation was determined to pay homage to the experience to transport the user to some of your most delicious memories every time you apply it.

Boasting a lightweight, billowy texture, it’s super easy to lather on while you’re on the go or spending the day in the sun. And the product itself was no easy feat to create: It took the work of several experts to achieve the final product. While it’s practically a replica of whipped cream, the sunscreen still has the brand’s signature sunscreen scent.

The Formula

Formulated with a lighter-than-air texture, this sunscreen rubs in easily, leaving your skin feeling smooth and nourished—without any white cast or unwanted piling. It also glides on like a dream, so you can easily apply it wherever and whenever you need it.

Its hero ingredients—coconut oilaloe vera, banana Extract, and shea oil—are meant to hydrate and boost antioxidants, protecting you from free radicals and premature aging. “We used the earth-friendly, ultra-low global warming potential, non-ozone depleting Solstice Propellant from Honeywell to help achieve that luxurious texture, and skin-nourishing ingredients,” explains Green.

To apply, the brand recommends taking a ping pong ball-sized dollop per limb, in order to maximize absorption and application. On the other hand, an entire body will require a tennis ball-sized amount. “To use, shake the can vigorously (as you would whipped cream), turn it upside down, and gently tilt the nozzle with your finger,” says Greene. After all, who says SPF can’t be fun?

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