Viktor and Rolf’s Latest Fragrance Is Meant To Embody “Spiritual Glamour”

Good Fortune

If you’re anything like us, you’re fascinated with finding the perfect fragrance for every mood and style scenario. Your passion for scents is mostly likely confirmed by the expanding collection of unique perfumes lined up on your vanity—if you know, you know.

One very popular brand amongst the fragrance community is Viktor & Rolf, an avant-garde fashion house that is renowned, particularly for its signature Flowerbomb fragrances that boast delicate yet captivating notes. “Viktor & Rolf is a brand that continues to be relevant and a favorite among the fragrance community because of the many classic scents they have created,” Fragrance Influencer, Karina Waldron shares why she believes the brand is so beloved amongst Fragheads. “Flowerbomb is a scent that is elegantly classic, has stood the test of time, and never goes out of style.”

Last month, Viktor & Rolf unveiled its newest fragrance, Good Fortune ($168), which is said to encompass modern spirituality and resonate with those on a journey to understand the core of their existence.

Good Fortune
VIKTOR & ROLF Good Fortune $168.00


“The idea behind Good Fortune is that we wanted to make a fragrance about spiritual glamour,“ Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren tell us exclusively. The designers went on to explain, “What we like to say is that good fortune doesn’t just happen, it’s something you can work at and you can work on yourself and make it happen.“

Ahead, learn more about the inspiration behind the fragrance, the notes, and the face representing the product. 

The Inspiration

Good Fortune EDP

A spritz of Good Fortune is just what you need to remind you that you have the capacity to create your own destiny. “Spiritual glamour is a key concept in our work,” Horsting and Snoeren explain about the fragrance that was inspired by the Fall/Winter 2019 Spiritual Glamour Haute Couture Collection.

They continue, “By spiritual glamour, we mean that there can be no beauty without a beautiful idea. And spirituality, in our perception, is an inner search for meaning and you can do that in different kinds of ways. But it’s like going inwards and having a conversation with yourself in a way.”

According to the dynamic duo, the fragrance took several years and thousands of modifications to perfect. “We had this idea of spirituality that we briefed the perfumers on and they said ‘Oh, maybe we can come up with scents associated with alchemy and white magic.’ But when you think about spirituality, you think about incense, wood, and let’s say something very heavy,” Horsting and Snoeren tell us about the challenges of finding scents that epitomized the idea. “We wanted something that would be light, luminescent, solar, and big—but transparent in a way.”

The Fragrance Notes

Good Fortune Perfume

The perfumers were able to achieve the light, luminescent, and solar essence they were hoping to accomplish with four simple notes, which acts as an invitation to people wanting to embrace their “inner modern mystic.”

The Good Fortune Eau De Parfum powerfully opens with fennel and gentian flower co-distillate to enchant you while the heart notes enthrall its wearer with Jasmine Superinfusion that blooms with its velvety and solar notes.

Lastly, creamy and captivating Bourbon Vanilla, ethically sourced in Madagascar, quietly sits at the base. “We want this scent to be uplifting, much like a feel-good moment or a brief moment for yourself,” the pair shares about the emotion they hope the fragrance evokes.

In alignment with Viktor & Rolf’s eco-conscious commitment, Good Fortune is a vegan fragrance with no animal-derived ingredients.

The Face

FKA Twigs

Acclaimed singer, dancer, and actress FKA twigs is the face of Viktor&Rolf’s newest launch, using her allure to tell the story of the perfume through her music and dance.

There was thoughtfulness behind using the 34-year-old’s likeness to represent the fragrance. “We went to a concert of FKA twigs’ and were blown away by her performance. We thought to ourselves, ‘this is what self-realization looks like,” Horsting and Snoeren divulge their admiration for the pop star. “She’s a very spiritual person and we thought she would be the perfect personification of the perfume.”

She reciprocates the admiration by recalling when she became fully aware of the brand at their debut couture show in 2017. “I was immediately in awe of their avant-garde approach to fashion,” she reveals.

According to Twigs, fragrance plays as important of a role in her story as music and dance. “Scent is a universal language that can communicate things far beyond words, so it is of great importance in my beauty world.“

She mentions that the opportunity to be part of the progressive house is a huge honor. ”I’m looking forward to the ongoing creative collaboration,” FKA twigs concludes.

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